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Academic Events

Prof. Yufeng Zhou gave a colloquium in School of Physics and Technology

Invited by School of Physics and Technology, Prof. Yufeng Zhou gave a colloquium titled “Dark matter research progress” on November 18 in the conference room 436 of Xingjian Building.

Prof. Yufeng Zhou first introduced the standard model of particle physics and introduced some unsolved mysteries left by it, and dark matter is one of them. Afterwards, he recounted the history of dark matter and cited some evidences for the existence of dark matter, such as galaxy rotation curves that are different from theoretical expectations, bullet galaxy clusters, x-rays from galaxy clusters, gravitational lenses, etc. He also introduced several dark matter candidates based on the basic characteristics of dark matter, such as primordial black holes, super-heavy dark matter, conventional WIMPs dark matter theoretical models, light DM particles (keV), extremely light dark matter, etc. Then he introduced several methods for detecting dark matter, including direct detection and indirect detection. Finally, he made a vision for the detection of dark matter in the future, and imagined several new solutions, such as liquid helium superfluid: quantum evaporation, chemical bond breakage: molecular collapse, crystal defects, etc.

Prof. Yufeng Zhou is a researcher at the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 2002, he graduated with a PhD from the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has been engaged in post-doctoral work at the University of Munich, Germany, the University of Dortmund, Japan, Japan's High Energy Accelerator Research Institute, and the Korea Advanced Research Center. He returned to work in China in 2009 as a researcher and director of the first research office. His research work mainly involves the new physics of dark matter beyond the standard model, the origin of baryon-antibaryon asymmetry in the new physical model, the model of CP symmetry breaking, and phenomenological research, etc. His research work has been supported by key projects of the National Foundation of China and the National Outstanding Youth Fund. Young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.