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Academic Events

Quark-gluon hybrids within a constituent quark-gluon model

Quark-gluon hybrids within a constituent quark-gluon model

Jorge Segovia (Technische Universität München)

Wednesday, 3 rd May, 15:30 - 16:30

Xingjian Building (K2) 435


The main goal of this talk is to present a research project that aims to compute 
properties of hybrid mesons within the constituent quark-gluon model (CQGM). This 
approach is a simple and powerful computational method that allows one to compute 
a wide range of physical observables and to explore new ideas in a simple way. 
Moreover, the determination of other physical observables beyond masses in the case 
of hybrid baryons is very important because all quantum numbers are allowed and 
thus it is more difficult to distinguish an exotic candidate from a conventional one. The 
physical observables that will be theoretically computed in this research project are of 
invaluable significance for the experimental hadron physics community, because one 
of the main goals for the near future of the three mayor experiments in hadron physics 
(LHCb@CERN, PANDA@FAIR and GlueX@Jlab12) is the unambiguous determination of 
hadrons with valence gluons.