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Academic Events


Speaker:  Shengyuan Yang

Title:Quadratic Contact Points & Quadratic/Cubic Nodal Lines

Affiliation:Singapore University of Technology and Design

Time:Oct. 25th, 2018



Speaker:  Chaoqiang Geng

Title:The Uniqueness of the Standard Model and Beyond

Affiliation:National Tsing Hua University

Time:Sep 20th, 2018



Speaker:  Feng Miao

Title:Electronic transport and device applications of 2D materials

Affiliation:Nanjing University

Time:Sep 12th, 2018



Speaker:  Biao Wu

Title:Quantum Ergodicity and Mixing

Affiliation:Peking University

Time:Sep 5th, 2018



Speaker:  Xiangang Wan

Title:Efficient Topological Materials Discovery Using Symmetry Indicators

Affiliation:Nanjing University

Time:Aug 29th, 2018