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Chenliang Chang Lecturer

Research Interests: 
  • Holographic 3D display
  • Digital holography
  • Computer-generated hologram
  • Information Optics

Educational Background

  • Visiting Scholar, University of Michigan, USA (2012-2013)
  • PhD, Department of Electronic Science and Engineering, Southeast University (2015)
  • BA, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Southeast University (2009)

Journal Articles

  1. Chenliang Chang, Jun Xia, Jun Wu, Wei Lei, Yi Xie, Mimgwu Kang and Qiuzhi Zhang, “Scaled Diffraction calculation between tilted planes using nonuniform fast Fourier transform”, Optics Express, Vol. 22(14), 17331-17340, 2014
  2. Chenliang Chang, Jun Xia, Lei Yang, Wei Lei, Zhiming Yang, and Jianhong Chen, “Speckle-suppressed phase-only holographic three-dimensional display based on double-constraint Gerchberg–Saxton algorithm”, Applied Optics, Vol. 54(23), 6994-7001, 2015
  3. Chenliang Chang, Jun Xia and Wei Lei, “One step hologram calculation for multi-plane objects based on nonuniform sampling”, Chinese Optics Letters, 12(6), 060020, 2014
  4. Chenliang Chang, Jun Xia and Wei Lei, “Holographic image projection on tilted planes by phase-only computer generated hologram using fractional Fourier transformation”, Journal of Display Technology, Vol. 10(2), 2013
  5. Chenliang Chang, Jun Xia, Wei Lei “Holographic image projection using fractional Fourier transformation”, Optics Communications, Vol. 285, 24-28, 2012  
  6. Chenliang Chang, Jun Xia, Wei Lei, “Colorful holographic display of 3D object based on scaled diffraction by using nonuniform fast Fourier transformation”, Vol. 9385, Proc. of SPIE, 2015
  7. Chenliang Chang, Jun Xia, Wei Lei, “Speckle suppression in phase-only holographic display by optimizing phase distribution”,Digital Holography and Three-Dimensional Imaging, DH 2015, 410p, May 18, 2015.
  8. Chenliang Chang, Jun Xia, Qing Li, Wei Lei “Speckle suppression in scaled holographic display from single phase-only computer generated hologram”, 36-2, 526-529, SID Symposium Digest, 2015
  9. Chenliang Chang, Jun Xia, Qing Li, Wei Lei “Colorful holographic display using variable spatial sampling rate”, 46-1, 652-655, SID Symposium Digest, 2014


  • Mobile: +86-13813363979

  • E-mail: