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Fenfei Hou Associate Professor


2002, Southeast University, Department of radio communications and information systems to obtain a master's degree in engineering;

In August 2002 a Nanjing Normal University engaged in teaching and research of communication;

In 2005, the Department of electronic engineering, Southeast University, doctoral degree in service,

Published more than 40 papers, including 20 papers SCI, EI included more than 10 articles;

In the direction of Photonics and optical communication;

The research field is the optical CDMA technology and its application in optical fiber communication system.

Teaching and textbook, teaching: modern communication network; optical fiber communication principle and system; modern switching technology; operating system; data structure; analog electronic circuit; digital circuit; communication principle, signal and system, information theory and coding; Java programming.

2, the preparation of teaching materials: < optical communication experiment notes >; < optical transmission SDH experiment notes >; 

3, scientific research: representative research projects
National Natural Science Foundation of China National Natural Science Foundation of China: a WDM optical network node model;
The Ministry of education funds: InP multiple quantum well 2*4 splitter technology;

Representative papers:

  1. Phase-shifted compensation of channel-space on fiber grating comb filter ,ACTA PHYSICA SINICA,2010/  SCI,1/2
  2. Research on application of MOOC in optical packet swiching, Chinese optics letter 2010 /   SCI,1/2
  3. Research into Channel Capacity of Asynchronous OCDMA Systems ,Joural of optical communitio,2010/ EI-Compendex ,1/2
  4. Phase Errors Correction of OCDMA En-/decoders based on Reconstruction Equivalent Chirp Technique, Joural of Optical fiber communication network,2011 / EI-Compendex,1/2
  5. Research on half of the bandwidth of the en-/decoders spectrum application baned on SSFBG Joural of optical communition,2011 / EI-Compendex x,1/2
  6. Design of FBG En-/decoders in Coherent 2-D Time-polarization OCDMA,2012,EI-Compendex,1/2
  7. The analysis of system performance of WDM/OCDMAPON based on DQPSK/OOK, Optical fiber communication technology,2013/SCI,1/2
  8. A novel dualwavelength DFB fiber laser,Optics laser ,2013/SCI,1/2
  9. Design of FBG En/decoders in Coherent 2-D Time-polarization OCDMA Systems,Joural of optical communitio,2013/ EI-Compendex ,1/2
  10. Designing PMF with Negative Tap Coefficient Based on FBG Delay Line,Joural of optical communitio,2014/ EI-Compendex ,1/2
  11. Novel flat multichannel filter based on fiber Bragg grating and phase shift,Optical fiber communication technology,2013/SCI,1/2
  12. Impact of polarization mode dispersion on the performance of optical CDMA transmission system,Optical fiber communication technology,2013/SCI,1/2
  13. The analysis of system performance of WDM/OCDMA-PON based on DQPSK, Optical communication,2014 /SCI,1/2
  14. Research on OCDMA-based PON monitoring technologies,Optic,,2014/SCI,1/2
  15. Designing PMF with negative tap coefficient,Optical communication 2014/SCI,1/2
  16. Experimental study on monitoring technology based on OCDM, Optic,2015/SCI,1/2
  17. houfenfei*SpectralAnalysisandPhase-shiftedCompensationofChannel-spaceonFiberGratingCombFilter(SCI)
  18. houfenfei*TheApplicationofDIRECTalgorithminASpectralAnalysisofthePMF(SCI)
  19. houfenfei*ImpactofdispersionontheperformanceofopticalCDMAtransmissionsystem(EI)
  20. houfenfei*ResearchontheFWMofopticalCDMAtransmissionsystem(EI)
  21. houfenfei*Investigationontheschemeofdouble-layerIPSec(EI)
  22. houfenfei Effect of dispersion on the performance of optical CDMA-IM/DD transmission system(EI)
  23. houfenfei*ResearchintoChannelCapacityofAsynchronousOCDMASystems(EI)
  24. houfenfei*PhaseErrorsCorrectionofOCDMAEn-/decodersbasedonReconstruction(EI)
  25. houfenfei*Researchonhalfofthebandwidthoftheen-/decodingspectrumapplicationbasedonSSFBG(EI)

4, winning situation: 2011 school multimedia first prize.2013 school multimedia two