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Peiqing Tong Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Dynamics of closed and open quantum systems and thermalization of classical and quantum systems
  • Physical properties of quasiperiodic and disorder systems, Many-body localization
  • Quantum phase transition and its relationship with quantum entanglement and quantum information
  • Quantum walks
  • Nonequilibrium statistical physics and chaos
  • Non-Hermitian quantum systems
  • Topological insulator and superconductor

Educational Background

  • PhD, Acoustics, Nanjing University (1990)
  • MA, Theoretical Physics, Institute of Physics, CAS (1985)
  • BA, Geophysics, University of Science and Technology of China (1982)

Recent Research Projects

  1. “The studies on the dynamics, thermodynamics and statistical physics of some non-equilibrium quantum systems”  National Science Foundation of China(11575087)(2016-2019)
  2. “The studies on the dynamical equilibrium, thermalization and foundational problems of classical and quantum systems”  National Science Foundation of China(11175087)(2012-2015)
  3. “The studies on the dynamics and its related problems of quasiperiodic and aperiodic systems” National Science Foundation of China(10974097)(2010-2012)
  4. “The studies on the some theoretical problems of low-dimensional interacting nonuniform systems”  National Science Foundation of China(10674072)(2007-2009)

Selected Publications

  1. Z. Zhang, C. Tang, and P. Tong, “Dynamical thermalization of Frenkel-Kontorova model in the thermodynamic limit” Physical Review E93 022216(2016)
  2. X. Wang, T. Liu, Y. Xiong, and P. Tong, “Spontaneous PT-symmetry breaking in non-Hermitian Kitaev and extended Kitaev models” Physical Review A92 012116 (2015)   
  3. M. Zhong, and P. Tong, “Work done and irreversible entropy production in a sudden quenched quantum spin chain with asymmetrical excitation Spectra ”   Physical Review E91 032137(2015)
  4. Y. Xiong, and P. Tong, “A NOT operation on Majorana qubits with mobilizable solitons in an extended Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model”  New Journal of Physics 17 013017 (2015)
  5. Z. Zhang, P. Tong, J.Gong, and B. Li, “Quantum hyperdiffusion in one-dimensional tight-binding lattices” Physical Review Letter 108 070603 (2012)
  6. M. Zhong, and P. Tong, “Loschmidt echo of a two-level qubit coupled to nonuniform aniso-tropic XY chains in a transverse field” Physical Review A84 052105 (2011)
  7. W. Li, and P. Tong, “Heat conduction in one-dimensional aperiodic quantun Ising chains” Physical Review E83 031128 (2011)
  8. Z. Zhang, P. Tong, J.Gong, and B. Li, “Wave packet dynamics in one-dimensional linear and nonlinear generalied Fibonacci lattices” Physical Review E83 056205 (2011)
  9. L. Gong, and P. Tong, “Localization-delocalization transitions in a two-dimensional quantum percolation model: von Neumann entropy studies”  Physical Review B80 174205 (2009)
  10. L. Gong, and P. Tong, “Fidelity, fidelity susceptibility and von Neumann entropy to characterize the phase diagram of an extended Harper model” Physical Review B78 115114 (2008) 
  11. L Gong, and P. Tong, “Von Neumann entropy and localization properties of two interacting particles in one-dimensional nonuniform systems” Physical Review B76 (8) 085121 (2007)
  12. P. Tong, and X.Liu, “Lee-Yang zeros of periodic and quasiperiodic anisotropic XY chains in a transverse field” Physical Review Letter 97 017201 (2006)
  13. L. Gong, and P. Tong, “von Neumann entropy and localization-delocalization transition of electron states in quantum small-world networks” Physical Review E74 056103 (2006)
  14. L. Tang, and P. Tong, “Zero-temperature criticality in the two-dimensional gauge glass model” Physical Review Letter 94 207204 (2005)
  15. L. Gong, and P. Tong, “Mode entanglement of an electron in one-dimensional determined and random potentials” Physical Review A71 042333 (2005)
  16. P. Tong, B. Li and B. Hu,  “Electron properties of the 1D Frenkel-Kontorova model” Physical Review Letter 88 046804 (2002) 
  17. P. Tong, and M. Zhong, “Quantun phase transition of the quasiperiodic anisotropic XY chain in a transverse magnetic field” Physical Review B65 064421 (2002) 
  18. Q. Chen, L. Tang, and P. Tong, “Anomalous finite-size effect in superconducting Josephson junction arrays” Physical Review Letter 87 067001 (2001)
  19. B. Hu, B. Li and P. Tong, “Disturbance spreading in incommensurate and quasiperiodic systems” Physical Review B61 9414 (2000)        
  20. P. Tong, B. Li and B. Hu, “Wave transmission, phonon localization and heat conduction of a one-dimensional Frenkel-Kontorowa chain” Physical Review B59 8639 (1999)
  21. P. Tong “Critical dynamics of nonperiodic Ising chains” Physical Review E56 1371 (1997)
  22. P. Tong “Electron energy spectra of one-dimensional nondiagonal nonperiodic lattices” Physical Review B54 16540 (1996) 
  23. P. Tong “Structural of electronic energy spectra of one-dimensional nonperiodic lattices” Physical Reviews B53 1795 (1996)
  24. P. Tong “Trace map, Cantor set and properties of a three-component Fibonacci lattice” Physical Reviews B52 16301 (1995) 
  25. P. Tong “Localization and mobility edges in one-dimensional deterministic potentials” Physical Review B50 11318 (1994)


  • Phone: 0086+25+83598821 (office)
  • Email: