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Wei Wang Associate Professor


Educational Background

  • PhD, Condensed matter physics, South-East University, Nanjing (2007)
  • MS, Physical chemistry, East China University of Science and Technology ,shanghai(1996)
  • BS, Physical education, Huaibei normal university,huaibei (1987)

Research Interests

  • Associate Professor Wei Wang, has experienced in the scientific research in the fields of magnetoelectric effect of magnetoelectric composites, application of the magnetoelectric effect in the field of transducer, synthesis and microstructure study of rare earth oxide thin films, low temperature synthesis and physical properties study of nanocrystalline sulfide thin films. At present, I mainly study magnetoelectric coupling in the composites containing ferromagnet and ferroelectrics. Current fields of interest include magnetoimpedance, magnetoinductance and magnetocapacitance effects in magnetoelectric transducers vibrator.

Research Projects

  1. The physics, method and technology of micro-vibration generating power device on multiferroic materials,National Natural Science Foundation of China,2013.01-2016.12,(Participant.)
  2. Mechanism and Experimental Study of Magnetic acoustic sensor,Supported by Institute of applied acoustics,2012.10-2014.09 (Project host)
  3. Complex studies of interactions in nanostructured magnetic materials, Supported by People’s Republic of China/Romania Joint Research project, 2011.01-2012.12, (Project host)
  4. The related optical properties of exciton in graphene and carbon nanotubes,Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China,2010.01-2012.12,(Participant)
  5. The magnetic field induction preparation of sandwich structure nanoparticles membrane,Supported by  Education department of Jiangsu province,2007.07-2009.12(Project host)
  6. Single droplets nanostructure assembly research based on the chemistry of ultrasonic spray pyrolysis reaction, Supported by Science and technology department of  Jiangsu province,2005.01-2007.12(Project host) 
  7. Researches on magnetically tuned electromechanical resonances characteristics of piezoelectric/magnetostrictive composite vibrator based on broadband acoustic transducer, Supported by the prediction project of 2015 national natural science fund of Nanjing normal university, 2016.02-2018.02 (Project host) 
  8. Study on magnetically tuned electromechanical resonance frequency of piezoelectric/magnetostrictive composite vibrator, Supported by the innovation project for graduate students of Jiangsu Province higher education institutions, 2015.6-2016.6 (Supervisor)
  9. Study on light modulator of composite magneto-optic material, Supported by Natural Science Foundation of the Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions of China, 2015.07-2017.06(Participant)

Journal Articles

  1. Zhifeng Wang , Wei Wang∗, Xiaobin Luo, Enhancement of capacitive type magnetoimpedance effect in ring-type magnetoelectric transducers vibrator via size-dependent resonance frequency, Sensors and Actuators A : Physical, 247, 234–238 (2016)
  2. Wei Wang*, Zhifeng Wang,Xiao Binluo,JinTao,Zhang Ning, Xinran Xu,LiSheng Zhou, Capacitive type magnetoimpedance effect in piezoelectric-magnetostrictive composite resonator,Applied Physics Letters, 107, 172904 (2015)
  3. Wei Wang, Jie Wu , Xiaobin Luo , Lisheng Zhou , Xinran Xu, Qingyu Ma*, Jump effect based magnetically tunable resonance of PZT-ring/TDF-strip composite with improved sensitivity, Sensors and Actuators A:Physical 225 ,47-52 (2015)
  4. Wang Wei*, Ye JingJing , Wu Jie, Luo XiaoBin, Zhang Ning, Zhou LiSheng, Size effects in strip–ring piezoelectric/magnetostrictive structures observed in magnetically tuned resonance frequency, Sensors and Actuators A:Physical 214, 219-224 (2014)
  5. Wang Wei*, Ye JingJing , Wu Jie , Zhou LiSheng , Luo Xiao Bin , Zhang Ning,Single dc magnetic field tunable electromechanical resonance in Terfenol-D/PZT/Terfenol-D trilayer composites,Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 366, 40-43 (2014)
  6. Wang Wei*, Xu XiaoXiao, Zhou LiSheng, Luo Xiao Bin, Zhang Ning,Tuning electromechanical resonances in strip-ring magnetoelectric composites structure with dc magnetic field,Journal of Applied Physics 114, 064101-1-4 (2013)
  7. Xiao Xiao Xu, Wei Wang*, Gao Jian Wu, and Li Sheng Zhou, Theoretical model for magnetoelectric interactions in strip-ring multiferroic composite structure,Journal of Advanced Research in Physics 4(1), 011302 (2013)
  8. Wei Wang, Sheng-Yue Wang *, Deflecting Easy-axis of Fe3O4 Single Crystal Nanowires by Magnetic-field-induced Method, Journal of material science &technology 28(11), 976-980 (2012) 
  9. Wei Wang*, Lin Lin, Zhou XiaoFeng, and ShengYue Wang, A Comprehensive Model for the Enhanced Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluids,Journal of Advanced Research in Physics 2(2), 021209 (2012)
  10. QiYang Zhu, Wei Wang , ShengYue Wang*, XiaoFeng Zhou , GongYun Liao,ShuangJie Wang, JianBing Chen, Unilateral heat-transfer asphalt pavement for permafrost protection,Cold Regions Science and Technology 71 , 129–138(2012)
  11. Wei Wang*, XiaoBin Luo, Ning Zhang, Qing Yu Ma, Giant  room temperature magnetocapacitance  in  Terfenol D/PZT/Terfenol-D trilayer composites ,Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 171, 248 (2011)    
  12. Wei Wang, XiaoBin Luo, Lijie Yang, Ning Zhang*, Magnetocapacitance effect of  magnetoelectric laminated composit at resonant frequency, Acta Physica Sinica, 60(10), 107702 (2011)
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  20. Wei Wang , Sheng-Yue Wang *, Mei Liu, Preparation of -Gd2S3 films by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis, Materials Chemistry and Physics 94 ,182–184 (2005)

Academic Title

  • Fellow of the institute of China Acoustics association