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Yongchun Tao Professor


Educational Background

  • PhD, Department of Physics, Nanjing University 

Research Interests

  • Superconducting spintronics based on grapheme,Ferromagnetic semiconductors, conventional and unconventional superconductors, Multi band gap superconductors(Iron ion type), Topological insulators, and superconductors.

Research Projects 

  1. National Natural Science Foundation,10947005,“Study of spin-polarized transport of ferromagnetic semiconducting junctions based on the first-principle calculation ”, 2010/01—2012/12.  
  2. Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu province, BK2009399,”Hole spin injection from ferromagnetic semiconductor to unconventional superconductors”,2009/09—2011/12.                                     
  3. Natural Science Foundation of Education department of Jiangsu province, 08KJB140004,”Physical properties of ferromagnetic semiconductors and unconventional superconductors junctions”, 2008/09—2010/124. National Natural Science Foundation, 10674072,”Several studies of theoretical problems in low dimensional interacting systems”, 2007/01—2009/12
  4. Doctoral Fund of Ministry of Education, ”Study of physical properties in the nonuniform interacting systems”, 2007/01—2009/12

Journal Articles

  1. T. T. Ji, N.Bu, F.J. Chen, Y. C. Tao*,J.Wang “Coexistence of perfect spin filtering for entangled electron pairs and high magnetic storage efficiency in one setup ” Sci. Rep.6,24417(2016)
  2. Y. C. Tao*, S. Y. Liu, N.Bu, J.Wang “Tunable 0-pi transition by interband  coupling in iron-based superconductor Josephson junctions  New.J.Phys.18,013010(2016)
  3. S. Y. Liu, Y. C. Tao*, T. T. Ji, J. G. Hu and Y. S. Di,“Controllable 0-pi transition in iron pnicitide superconductor junctions with a space of strong ferromganet”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 104, 112604 (2014).
  4. S. Y. Liu, Y. C. Tao* and J. G. Hu,“Interplay between interband coupling and ferromagnetism in iron  pnictide superconductor/ferromagnet/iron pnictide superconductor junctions”, J. Appl. Phys. 116, 083905 (2014).
  5. Y. C. Tao*, Z. P. Li, T. T. Ji, S. Y. Liu and Y. S. Di,“Twofold Andreev reflections and coherent transport in ferromagnetic semiconductor/d-wave superconductor/ferromagnetic semiconductor double tunneling  junctions”, J. Appl. Phys. 115, 153904 (2014).
  6. X.Yang, Y. C. Tao*, Z. C. Dong and J. G. Hu,“Twofold spin-triplet pairing states and tunneling conductance in ferromagnet/ferromagnet/iron pnictide superconductor heterojunctions”, Annals of physics  333, 66 (2013).
  7. Y. C. Tao*, X. L. Zhao, Z. C. Dong and J. G. Hu,“Junctions with ferromagnet contacts to probe the pairing  symmetry of iron pnictide superconductors”, New. J. Phys. 13, 123016 (2011).
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  18. Y. C. Tao*, J.G. Hu, and H. Liu, “Spin-polarized Transport in Diluted GaMnAs/AlAs/GaMnAs  Ferromagnetic Semiconductor Tunnel Junctions”, J. Appl. Phys. 96, 498 (2004).


  • Tel: +86-25-86309343
  • Email: