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Yunsong Di Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Nanomaterials and its electronic devices
  • Vacuum electronics
  • electro-magnetics

Educational Background 

  • PhD, Electronic Science and Technology, Southeast University (2009)
  • MA, Electronic Science and Technology, Southeast University (2005)
  • BA, General Physics, Nanjing Normal University, (2000)

Research Projects

  • “Resarch of the field emission with nano structures and its application in electron sources” NSFC 61101023 2012-2016
  • “Research of compound and micro-structure high emission current electron source with a graphene conductive layer”  NSFC 51120125001 2012-2014

Journal Articles

  1. Di, Yunsong ,Xiao, Mei,Cui, Yunkang,Lei, Wei,Li, Chen,Zhang,Xiaobing,Wang, Qilong,Large and stable emission current from synthesizedcarbon nanotube/fiber network,Journal of Applied Physics,2014,115(6)。
  2. Di, Yunsong ,Zhang, Xiaobing,Lei, Wei,Zhang, Lifang,Cui,Yunkang,Wang, Qilong,Chen, Jing,Field emission electron source for terahertz source application,High Power Laser and Particle Beams,2013,25(6):1494-1498。
  3. Di, Yunsong ,Cui, Yunkang,Wang, Qilong,Lei, Wei,Zhang,Xiaobing,den Engelsen, Daniel,Field emission from carbon nanotube and tetrapod-like ZnO compound cathode fabricated by spin-coating method,Applied Surface Science,2009,255(8):4636-4639。
  4. Qilong Wang,Yunkang Cui,Yunsong Di,Chen Li,Xinquan Chen,Xiaobing Zhang,Wei Lei,Jun Xia,Very large cathode current and long term stability of vacuum sealed tubes with engrafted-carbon-nanotube emitters,Diamond and Related Materials,2014,47:40-45。
  5. Tao, Y. C.,Li, Z. P.,Ji, T. T.,Liu, S. Y.,Di, Y. S.,Twofold Andreev reflections and coherent transport in ferromagnetic semiconductor/d-wave superconductor/ferromagnetic semiconductor double tunneling junctions,Journal of Applied Physics,2014,115(15)。
  6. Liu, S. Y.,Tao, Y. C.,Ji, T. T.,Hu, J. G.,Di, Y. S.,Controllab le 0-pi transition in iron pnictide superconductor junctions with a spacer of strong ferromagnet,Applied Physics Letters,2014,104(11)。
  7. Qu, Ke,Lei, Wei,Li, Chi,Di, Yunsong,Chen, Jing,Zhang,Yan,Ding, Shuyi,Zhao, Ning,Cui, Yunkang,Zhang, Xiaobing,Wang, Baoping,Fabrication and Characterization of a Planar Triode Structure Based on Honeycomb Carbon Nanotubes,IEEE Electron Device Letters,2014,35(1):126-128。
  8. Li, Chen,Li, Chi,Di, Yunsong,Lei, Wei,Chen, Jing,Cui, Yunkang,ZnO Electron Field Emitters on Three-Dimensional Patterned Carbon Nanotube Framework,ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,2013,5(18):9194-9198。
  9. Zhang, Yuning,Langendijk, Erno H. A.,Di, Yunsong,Lin, Fang-Cheng,Application of Field Emission as Backlight Unit for Liquid Crystal Displays,Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology,2012,12(8):6449-6452。
  10. Xu, Feng,Chen, Jing,Di, Yunsong,Cui, Yunkang,Sun, Jun,Sun,Litao,Lei, Wei,Xu, Chunxiang,Zhou, Weilie,Hybrid single/poly-crystalline ZnO nanoawl arrays: facile synthesis and enhanced field emission properties,RSC Advances,2012,2(30):11601-11606。


  • Phone:+86-25-85891976-8223