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Power System and Smart Grid Technologies

Leader: Minqiang Hu
Members: Minqiang Hu, Qi Wang, Tianran Li, XiaoboTang, Yu-Qing Bao


The research of this group is focused on the power system and smart grid technologies, including the analysis and control of the power system with high renewable energy penetration, distributed generation and microgrid, the “Source-Network-Load” technologies, the electric power market and demand response technologies, etc. The purpose of the research is to accommodate the uncertainty of the renewable energies, enhance the stability and the reliability of the power system, and find solutions for the electricity market-oriented reform, etc.

Research Content

The research of this group has three directions:

1. Control and protection of Microgrid and active distribution network:Power qualityanalysis, reliability analysis, and operation evaluation of the power system with high renewable energy penetration.

2. Analysis and control of large power grid:Coordination and Optimization of “Source-Network-Load”, Stability analysis and control of power systems with large-scale renewable energy integration, flexible AC transmission systems(FACTS), and control strategies of grid friendly appliances(GFAs), etc.

3.Electric power market and demand response:Load characteristic analysis and load forecasting, smart electricity consumption, modeling and simulation of the electric power markets with large scale of renewable energy and energy storage, transmission pricing and congestion management, strategy making and evaluation of market-oriented reform in the retail side, power demand side management and demand response technologies.

Representative Achievements

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