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Introduction of Jiangsu Key Laboratory on Optoelectronic Technology

Director: Ming Wang

Secretary: Hui Hao 

The Jiangsu Key Laboratory on Optoelectronic Technology was founded in 1993. The laboratory is operated by Nanjing Normal University, and is located at Xinjian building with a total laboratory space of over 1000 m2. The equipments of laboratory worth more than 14 million yuan. With ten years of rapid development, there are 11 professors、13 associate professors and 4 intermediate title of researchers in the laboratory, including two “New Century Excellent Talents” of Ministry of Education of China and one expert who is entitled to special grants from the National Council .
The research Interests of the laboratory include not only the basic research in the frontier areas but also the applied basic research, aiming to serve the society and economy in Jiangsu Province. Currently, the main research areas of the laboratory include: Laser & Optical fiber sensing technology、 Nano-photonics、 Information and Optoelectronic Technology and Magneto-electric material and component. 
In the past five years more than 200 research papers have been published in journals, including ACS Nano, Science Report, Optics Letter、Optics Express, IEEE Photonics Technology Letter and other famous periodicals. These researches are funded by 35 national and provincial & ministerial research fund. The members have won the Second Class Prized of Jiangsu province Science and Technology Award in 2015.

Major Achievements in the past 3 years

  • More than 150 peer-reviewed journal papers and 45 patents (18 issued), including some top journal: ACS Nano (IF 12.062), Scientific Reports (IF 5.578), Appl. Phys. Lett. (IF 3.302), Optics letters (IF 3.292)、Optics express (IF 3.488 ). 
  • About 3 million (USD) research grants, including the National Science Foundation (NSF program), Jiangsu province science and technology support project, etc. 
  • 10 student awards Jiangsu Province outstanding doctoral and master dissertation.
  • 2 Selected the Ministry of education for New Century Excellent Talents program Self-mixing interferometry, Second Class Prized of Jiangsu province Science and Technology Award 2015,Wang M(1/6);