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Condensed matter physics

Leader: Peiqing Tong

Members: Lifa Zhang, Hengyi Xu, Yongcun Tao, Hong Liu, Ye Xiong, Yi Gao, Min Zhong, Zhixing Gan


Condensed matter physics is the largest area of physics. Our group covers a wider range of physical phenomena and theories in both quantum and classical systems.. Current research interests include thermal transport, statistical physics and thermalization, superconductor, quantum transport and topological aspects in condensed matter, etc. More information on our research activities can be found under the faculty listings. This group consists of 5 professors, 3 associate professors, and 1 lecturer.


  • Thermal transport (Lifa Zhang, Peiqing Tong, Zhixing Gan)
  • Non-equilibrium physics and thermalization (Peiqing Tong, Ming Zhong)
  • Quantum Transport (Hengyi Xu, Hong Liu, Yi Gao)
  • Superconductor (Yongcun Tao, Yi Gao)
  • topological aspects in condensed matter (Lifa Zhang, Ye Xiong, Yi Gao)


  • Physical Review Letter 115 115502 (2015)
  • Physical Review E 91 032137 (2015)
  • Physical Review Letter 112 085503 (2014)
  • Physical Review B 90, 054518 (2014).
  • Physical Review Letter 108 070603 (2012)