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Academic Events

2017 Asia Education Leader Summer Course Closing Ceremony Grandly Came off

At 16:30, July 14, 2017 Asia Education Leader Summer Course closing ceremony grandly came off in the 602 meeting room, Tian Jiabing Building, South Wing. The course was sponsored by the School of Psychology of Nanjing normal university and co-organized by the School of Education Science. Prof. Hong Fu, the dean of the School of Psychology, Prof. Chen Chen, director of the department of psychology, associate professor Qingrong Chen, and Dr. Xuefeng Qiao from the School of Education Science attended the ceremony. There were also twenty students who attended the ceremony. They were from Tohoku University, Korea University, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan Political University and Nanjing Normal University. Prof. Chen hosted the ceremony.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Prof. Chen introduced the leaders and teachers, as well as the process of the closing ceremony. Then the class monitor Xueping Rui summed up the three courses of this program, and showed the students' learning moment through the photos. With the joyful music, the learning process of the fourteen day was vividly presented. The teachers were gratified and the students were excited.


Then Prof. Fu represented School of Psychology, Nanjing Normal University to send a blessing to the participants in this course, hoping and welcoming them back to Nanjing Normal University. At last, the closing ceremony was successfully ended.


After fourteen wonderful days of learning, 2017 Asia Education Leader Summer Course taught students thinking, cooperating and progressing. We wish Asia Education Leader Summer Course could become better and better.