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Academic Events

2017 Asia Education Leader Summer Course Grandly Opened

  At 8:30 a.m. on July 1, 2017 Asia Education Leader Summer Course opening ceremony was held in the meeting room, third floor, new building of School of Psychology. The course is sponsored by the School of Psychology of Nanjing normal university and co-organized by the School of Education Science. Experts who attended the ceremony were Prof. Jianhua Hu from the School of Education Science who was the chief sponsor of the course, Prof. Hong Fu, the dean of the School of Psychology, Prof Yueyan Du, vice dean of the School of Education Science, Prof. Chen Chen, head of the department of psychology, associate Prof. Qingrong Chen, and Dr. Xuefeng Qiao From the School of Education Science. The main students of the course are from Tohoku University, Korea University, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan Political University and Nanjing Normal University. Prof. Chen hosted the opening ceremony and the English interpreter was Jiaying Wan, a doctoral student from the School of Psychology.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Prof. Chen introduced the leaders and teachers who attended the ceremony and warmly welcomed everyone to Nanjing Normal University. Then Prof. Fu delivered a welcome speech and briefly introduced the history and development of Nanjing Normal University and the School of psychology. He hoped students concentrate on completing the course and learn Nanjing’s history and culture, and more importantly, learn to build the bridge of friendship to promote common development in the world.

After that, Prof. Du delivered her welcome speech. She said that the whole school attached great importance to this course, which equipped with excellent team of first-line faculty, and selected a live teaching site with education and cultural features. She also introduced Nanjing’s culture and food. Finally she wished all of the students to have a good time in Nanjing.

Then Prof. Hu talked about the origin, development and status quo of the project and wished that all students could cherish the hard-won learning opportunities across different cultures, learning as much as possible during this period, as well as discussing and exchanging to study education and human development in Asia.

Prf. Qingrong Chen and Dr. Xuefeng Qiao introduced the materials of the activity in detail and illustrated the matters needing attention in this course in Nanjing and the conventional strategy of emergency problems. Then the opening ceremony ended successfully.

After having a group photo taken to mark the occasion, the students seriously listened to the course of the first professional curriculum, regression analysis taught by Prof. Chen Chen, and thus started the cross-cultural study. We wish and believe that this project will be a complete success!