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[Academic Report] The 83th Gao Juefu Psychological Lectures,and the Department of Psychology Centennial Celebration Expert Forum:Lie Recognition of Exploitable Facial Cues

On the afternoon of 17 June 2021, the 83 Gao Juefu Psychological Lectures and the Centennial Celebration Expert Forum of the Department of Psychology was successfully held via Tencent Conference. Professor Dr. Fu Xiaolan, the Director of the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, researcher and PhD supervisor, gave a fascinating academic lecture entitled "Lie Recognition of Exploitable Facial Cues" to students and teachers of the School of Psychology of Nanjing Normal University. The lecture was hosted by Professor Wang Fengyan, the leader of the psychology discipline in the School of Psychology, and attended by teachers and some undergraduate and postgraduate students.


First of all, Professor Fu Xiaolan gave a definition of "lying": Lying referes to the action when an individual intentionally conceals, falsifies and/or manipulates information about facts and/or emotions in any other form, either verbally or non-verbally, in order to induce others to form or maintain a belief that the communicator believes to be false, whether or not it becomes may be regarded as lying. Secondly, Professor Fu Xiaolan points out the diversity of lies. For example, from the perspective of good and evil lies, lies can be divided into three types: good lies, malicious lies and blue lies; from the perspective of high and low risks of lies, lies can be divided into high-risk lies, low-risk lies and zero-risk lies; from the perspective of high and low components of lies, lies can be divided into direct lies, exaggerated lies and imperceptible lies. Thirdly, Professor Fu Xiaolan pointed out the importance of identifying lies in the areas of national security, pre-employment screening, loyalty investigation, public security, crime detection and personal integrity. Finally, Professor Fu pointed out that lying is not only about "talking" but also about "acting", and that people can give away certain facial, physical and verbal clues when they lie. In her talk, Professor Fu then presented some of the findings on facial cues that can be revealed when lying, including micro-expressions, camouflaged expressions, blink rate, pupil size, facial skin surface temperature and other facial cues. The study showed that facial cues alone cannot accurately identify lies, but also need to take into account the influence of dialogue context, interlocutor characteristics, cultural factors, etc. Using a combination of cues will help improve the accuracy of lie identification.



During the Q & A session of the lecture, the audience had an in-depth exchange with Professor Fu Xiaolan on issues such as cultural differences in lying and eye-movement research, research on blue lies, and the differences and commonalities between rumours and lies. The lecture was informative and lively, and greatly broadened the research horizons of the audience.

(Reporter: Zhang Lei )