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[Academic Report] The 87th Gao Juefu Psychological Lectures,and the Department of Psychology Centennial Celebration Expert Forum:Back to Freud: Interpreting the Basic Principles of Psychoanalysis

On the afternoon of 25 June 2021, 87th Gao Juefu Psychological Lectures and the Centenary Celebration of the Department of Psychology was successfully held through Tencent Conference. Professor Ma Xiangzhen, Director of the Institute of Applied Psychology, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Southeast University, gave an academic lecture on the theme of "Back to Freud: Interpretation of the Basic Principles of Psychoanalysis". The lecture was hosted by Professor Wang Yunqiang, Vice Dean of the School of Psychology, and was attended by Xi Haoli, Song Yue and other faculty members, undergraduate and postgraduate students of all levels, as well as some alumni of the School.


Prof. Ma Xiangzhen studied from Mr. Gao Juefu. Prof. Ma is a therapist and supervisor, the director of the Chinese branch of the International EAP Association, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a doctoral supervisor in psychology at the City University of Macau, and the vice president of the Family Education Association of Jiangsu Province. She is a member of the 10th and 11th National People's Congress and Standing Committee of Jiangsu Province, and Deputy Director of the 6th Women Workers' Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Trade Unions. Her main research areas include: social psychology, psychoanalytic theory and psychological counselling.


At the beginning of the lecture, Professor Ma talked about the current development of psychoanalysis in China and Jiangsu Province, starting from the psychoanalytic research of Mr. Gao Juexie, the "master of the history of psychology". She also raised several questions on this topic: What is psychoanalysis? What is psychoanalytic therapy? What are the basic principles of psychoanalysis? She also asked a few questions: What is psychoanalysis? She pointed out that according to Bion, psychoanalysis is located at the junction of the two peaks of medicine and religion, and that psychoanalytic therapy, as a kind of psychodynamic therapy, has seven characteristics: focusing on emotions and feelings; exploring the patient's intention to avoid specific topics; identifying the patient's actions, thoughts, emotions, experiences and relationships; emphasising past experiences; focusing on interpersonal experiences; emphasising the therapeutic relationship; and exploring desires and dreams. Afterwards, Professor Ma Xiangzhen discusses in detail the goals, basic principles and free association of psychoanalytic treatment and suggests that the basic principle of psychoanalysis is not free association but honesty, and that the ethics of honesty is the core of Freud's technique. Thus, it can be said that psychoanalysis is an "ethical dialogue" rather than a "medical treatment". Finally, she suggested that honesty is the basis of psychodynamic therapy, and that free association as a modality, a therapeutic "process", must be based on an ethical foundation of honesty.


After the lecture, the audience raised their own questions and opinions on the content of the lecture and exchanged them with Professor Ma Xiangzhen online. The lecture was rich in content, both theoretically based and practically valuable, and greatly expanded everyone's knowledge and application in the field of psychoanalysis, and strongly promoted the academic exchange of the College.


(Contribution: Niu Haiqun)