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Academic Events

[Academic Report] Young Faculty Academic Salon Series (Sui Yuan Xin Guang), No. 2– An introduction to the National and provincial Talents Programs

On March 31, 2021 at 4:00 pm, " Sui Yuan Xin Guang" - the 2nd Academic Salon for Young Scholars of this semester was successfully held in Conference Room 308 of the School of Psychology. The salon invited Mr. Hui Lv, the Deputy Director of Personnel Department of Nanjing Normal University, to give a presentation entitled "the Introduction to the National and Provincial Talents". Professor Qingrong Chen, the Dean of School of Psychology, Professor Yuan Zhong, the Vice Dean of School of Psychology, and several young teachers of School of Psychology participated the activity.

At the beginning of the salon, Prof. Chen introduced today's speaker: Mr. Hui Lv, who is now the Deputy Director of Personnel Department of Nanjing Normal University. This presentation provided certain guidance for young teachers on how to apply for national projects.

The speaker of this salon, Mr. Hui Lv, is not only familiar with the relevant policies of the university, but also understands that the School of Psychology has absorbed and introduced a large number of returnee talents in recent years. Young teachers not only have excellent research strength, but also are in the golden period of their development. Nevertheless, young teachers have just joined the school and do not know the details of personnel project application. In this regard, Mr. Lv gave a detailed explanation of the basic concept of "Four Youths" programs, and then encouraged the young teachers to actively apply for the program in the light of the current support policies of the university and the Ministry of Education for young teachers. Mr. Lv also hoped that the young teachers would not neglect the social service construction in the process of academic research, and he suggested that the appropriate participation in social service construction would be beneficial to the young teachers' personal career, the college and the society.

After that, there was a heated discussion on the future education of children and accommodation for young teachers. Mr. Lv emphasized that the university will further serve the young teachers as far as it can, so that you can feel at ease to root in the soil of NNU and create excellent research results. The Dean also urged all young teachers to grasp the opportunity to take advantage of being a psychologist to achieve personal growth and collaborative development of the college.

This wonderful salon helped the young scholars of the School of Psychology to eliminate many confusions, injected courage and confidence for them to face many challenges and opportunities in the future, and opened a window for their career development. Let's look forward to the next academic sharing together!


(Writer in Chinese: Lei Wen Kun / in English: Yue Song/ Photographer: Liu Yaxi)