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Academic Events

Colloquium by Dr. Chuanpeng Hu, Wednesday December 30, room 308

Date: 12:30 Wednesday December 30, room 308
Speaker: Dr. Chuanpeng Hu

Title: Prioritization of the Good-Self during Perceptual Decision-making

Doing Open Science in a Developing Country – An Interview with Dr. Chuan-Peng  Hu – JEPS Bulletin

People display systematic priorities to self-related stimuli. As the self is not a unified entity, however, it remains unclear which aspects of the self are crucial to producing this stimulus prioritization. In this colloquium, Dr. Chuanpeng Hu will describe a program of research by manipulating stimulus properties based on identity-relevant valence (i.e., good me, bad me, good other, bad other) to examine which facet of the self is crucial to the emergence of the self-prioritization effect. Faculty and students who are interested in this colloquium are welcome to attend.