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Academic Events

NNU Chair Professor Investiture & Symposium for AAAS Member Michael Tanenhaus

At 9 a.m., May 25, 2016, the investiture ceremony and symposium for world-famous psychologist Michael Tanenhaus, member of American Academy of Arts and  Sciences (AAAS) and Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at University of Rochester, was held at the ground-floor lecture hall of Yifu Building, Suiyuan Campus. Mr. Jiandong Liao, standing member of CPC NNU Committee and Vice President, was invited to the ceremony, together with all the  members of party leadership of NNU School of Psycholog(SOP), representatives of teachers and over 200 students. The ceremony was hosted by Mr. Hong Fu, the Dean of SOP.

Firstly, Mr. Hong Fu introduced in detail the exceptional academic achievement of Professor Tanenhaus who signed employment contract with NNU and his working plan at NNU. Then, on behalf of NNU, Mr. Jiandong Liao presented Prof. Michael Tanenhaus with the Chair Professor Certificate, and delivered a speech with great enthusiasm. He pointed out that bringing in high-level faculty, especially leaders with global perspectives , is the core competence of a school in the future construction of "Double first-class" and the determining factor whether NNU will achieve the goals of "The 13th Five-Year Plan" and its long-term plan. However, some aspects of NNU still call for improvement , such as the international level of the discipline construction, the platform and level of international co-operation and projects. The number of the famous teachers with international influence is also not big. Hence, having Professor Tanenhaus, member of the AAAS, as a Chair Professor of SOP is a demonstration of high-level international co-operation of NNU in the field of humanities and social sciences. It is also an active response towards the "first-class discipline construction" and " first-class faculty construction" in "the 13th Five-Year Plan" of NNU, which can serve as a valuable experience for other colleges. Meanwhile, he hoped that with this opportunity, SOP may come up with some new ways of thinking and new measures on the development of school on the basis of "the 13th Five-Year Plan", to accelerate the process of internationalization. SOP may strengthen international co-operation by setting up international joint laboratory and research platform and promoting joint education of PhD students at home and abroad and M.A. Candidates’ overseas-study program. SOP should also publish a series of high-standard academic papers in international academic indexes such as SSCI or SCI, aiming  for a new breakthrough regarding  major projects, major awards and major achievements on major academic platforms, so as to become Internationally first-class discipline and high-standard  and influential school of psychology, both domestically and abroad.

After the ceremony, Prof. Michael Tanenhaus gave a brilliant lecture to teachers and students from NNU School of Psychology, School of Chinese Language and Literature, School of Foreign Language and Cultures, School of Education Science, International College for Chinese Studies, and those who are from other related colleges of Nanjing University and Southeast University etc. Prof. Michael Tanenhaus showed his eloquence through quick thinking, citing  and making humorous remarks in his lecture. His brilliant academic presentation, experiment design, and mathematical logic won enthusiastic applause from the audience. After the lecture, Prof. Michael Tanenhaus also answered in detail the questions raised by students and teachers.