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Academic Events

Our School of Psychology Provided Information and Services about Admissions & Enrolment for Students

To make the applicants and candidates understand the policies and procedures relating to the admission and enrolment at our university, our School of Psychology provided relevant information and services for the applicants and candidates who are interested.

From 23th July to 26th July, Prof. Hong Zhou (Secretary of the Party Committee at our School of Psychology), Prof. Deng Zhu (Dean of our School of Psychology), Prof. Chen Qingrong (Vice Dean of our School of Psychology), Dr. Wang Yunqiang (Vice Dean of our School of Psychology), Dr. Xue Song (Vice Head of Department of Psychology), Prof. Li Xiaoping, Dr. Zhang Jingjing, and Dr. Su Jinlong went to Yixing High School Jiangsu Province, Yixing No.1 Middle School Jiangsu Province, Nanjing Senior Middle School, Jiangyin Senior Middle School, Jiangyin No. 1 Middle School, Jiangyin Changjing Middle School and Jiangyin Qingyang Middle School to advertise our university and provide admissions and enrolment information and services for those who are interested.


In addition, in order to provide comprehensive and multi-channel services to the applicants and candidates, our School of Psychology also provided information and services online by using QQ and WeChat. Dr. Xue Yan (Vice Secretary of the Party Committee at our School of Psychology) and students volunteers replied the questions raised by the applicants and candidates carefully and patiently.

 Our services about Admissions & Enrolment were welcomed and thanked by many applicants and candidates.