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Academic Events

The 40th Gao Juefu Psychological Lecture— “The Processing of Chinese Spoken Word Production: Behavioral and ERP Evidence” by Prof. Zhang Qingfang

On the afternoon of June 19, the 40th Gao Juefu Psychological Lecture was held at the Conference Room 108 of the School of Psychology, Nanjing Normal University. Prof. Zhang Qingfang, who comes from the Department of Psychology at Renmin University of China, was invited to give a lecture entitled “The Processing of Chinese Spoken Word Production: Behavioral and ERP Evidence”. 


Prof. Zhang is a doctoral supervisor of Psychology in Renmin University of China and serves as an editorial member of Frontiers in Psychology. She is interested in the areas of language psychology and neurolinguistics, and has published several peer-reviewed papers in highest reputed international journals, such as Neuropsychologia and Brain and Language. The lecture was hosted by Prof. Chen Qingrong, vice dean of our School of Psychology. Dr. Zhang Jingjing and some PhD and master students were invited to attend the lecture.


In the lecture, Prof. Zhang first shared her three experiences with our Suiyuan Campus and felt so happy to visit the campus again. She then introduced her group’s works on the Chinese Spoken Word Production. For example, in their recent research, they investigated possible differences between English and Mandarin speakers concerning the degree of cascadedness in the production system. With English speakers, they found that when activation of targets and semantic competitors was boosted via a manipulation of semantic context, then concurrently presented “mediated” distractor words (which were phonologically related to a semantic competitor) generated interference. However, no such mediated priming was found in a parallel experiment with Chinese materials and Mandarin speakers. They suggested potential fundamental differences across the target languages in how activation is transmitted during lexical access.

In the last Question & Answer session, Prof. Zhang with the teachers and students who attended the lecture had a positive interaction, discussing and exchanging some ideas regarding of the topic of the Chinese Spoken Word Production. The lecture was ended in applause.