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Academic Events

The 42th Gao Juefu Psychological Lecture— “American Youth Organizations and Positive Youth Development” by Dr. Wang Jun

On the evening of June 19, the 42th Gao Juefu Psychological Lecture was held at the Conference Room 108 of the School of Psychology, Nanjing Normal University. Dr. Wang Jun, who comes from the Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences in Texas A&M University, was invited to give a lecture entitled “American Youth Organizations and Positive Youth Development”. The lecture was hosted by Prof. Chen Chen, the Director of Institute of Educational Psychology, and attracted a large audience including some faculty and PhD and master students from our School of Psychology.


Dr. Wang Jun is an alumnus of our School of Psychology, graduating in 2006 with a bachelor degree in Applied Psychology, and then received her doctoral degree in Applied Developmental Science at Colorado State University. She is interested in the topics of emotional regulation, self-regulation, and motivational development, and has published several peer-reviewed papers in highest reputed international journals, such as Journal of Youth and Adolescence.

In this lecture, Dr. Wang first introduced the concept of positive youth development and the related researches and models serve as the background of the development of the positive youth. She then suggested a developmental positive youth development model based on the theoretical and practical evidence, such as increasing student’s sense of belonging and their self-worth, improving youth’s time management and interpersonal skills, and providing opportunities for youth to explore their interests. Dr. Wang also introduced a recent work her group conducted which focused on the relationship between program participation and a key indicator of positive development; that is, character development and found that a significant positive association between the two variables among Scoutreach participants.


In the last Question & Answer session, Dr. Wang Jun with the teachers and students who attended the lecture had a positive interaction. The lecture was ended in applause.