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Academic Events

The 47th Gao Juefu Psychological Lecture— “The Individual and Social Paths to Meet People’s Needs for a Better Life” by Prof. Wang Junxiu

On the morning of October 25, 2019, Prof. Wang Junxiu, the director of Social Psychology Research Center of Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, gave a lecture entitled “The Individual and Social Paths to Meet People’s Needs for a Better Life”. The lecture was hosted by Prof. Guo Yongyu (the School of Psychology, Nanjing Normal University).

Starting from the concept of the Needs for a Better Life, Prof. Wang systematically introduced the evolution and development of “need” in psychology in western society and China's policies, and then pointed out three core issues about “need”: (1) subjective and objective needs; (2) basic and high-level needs; (3) individual and social needs. Then, he reviewed the literature on the relationship between the three pairs of needs and carried out a detailed and in-depth discussion. Next, Prof. Wang introduced his project which he focused on the measurement of “the Needs for a Better Life”. By using the word association test, his group finally constructed a two-path model for satisfying people’s needs for a better life. After that, Prof. Wang introduced some relevant research his group conducted. For example, they found that the three sub-components of the good life are all significantly correlated in different degrees.

In the end, Prof. Guo Yongyu summed up the lecture and thanked Prof. Wang’s wonderful lecture. Prof. Wang also had a positive interaction with the teachers and students who attended the lecture in the Question & Answer session. The lecture arose the great interests of the audience and was ended in applause.