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Academic Events

The 50th Gao Juefu Psychological Lecture— “Humor: An Interdisciplinary Discussion of Physiology, Cognition, Culture and Education” by Prof. Chen Xuezhi

On the afternoon of October 26, 2019, Prof. Chen Xuezhi, who comes from Taiwan Normal University, gave a lecture on “Humor: An Interdisciplinary Discussion of Physiology, Cognition, Culture and Education” at Conference Room 101, Huaxing Building, Xianlin Campus, Nanjing Normal University. The lecture was hosted by Dr. Wang Yunqiang (Vice Dean of our School of Psychology, Nanjing Normal University).

First of all, Prof. Chen introduced the history and development of Taiwan Normal University and the School of Education. After that, by raising a series of questions about personal traits in daily life, Prof. Chen greatly aroused the interest of the students. He then explained the concept of humor and made a deep interpretation of it: humor can not only relieve stress and adjust behavior after failure, but also be helpful to the interpersonal communication. Because of this benefit, people with a sense of humor are less likely to suffer from physical and mental diseases and be more creative. Next, Prof. Chen introduced two theories about humor and some interesting researches related to humor. With the examples of the three stages of the brain circuity of humor, Prof. Chen also introduced how to use psychological technology to measure individual difference in humor, and described the processes of humor production at neurophysiological level.

In the last Question & Answer session, Prof. Chen answered the students’ questions patiently and helpfully. The lecture arose the great interests of students and was ended in applause.