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Academic Events

The 5th phase of “Gao Juefu Psychological Lectures” in School of Psychology: “User Experience Overview and Sharing of Utility Case” by Dr. Xiaowei Yuan

At 9 am on May 19, 2017, invited by Prof. Zhu Deng, the founder of ISAR User Interface Design, Dr. Xiaowei Yuan came to School of Psychology, Nanjing Normal University and delivered a splendid human factors engineering course entitled “User Experience Overview and Sharing of Utility Case”. The lecture is hosted by associate professor Jing Li from School of Psychology.

Xiaowei Yuan got his Ph.D. degree in Germany. After returning to China, he set up ISAR User Interface Design which is the first company that works on user experience and interaction design. “The appearance of new form of product is based on artificial design, rather than natural product from scientific and technological progress.” he said.

The core goal of Dr. Yuan was teaching students how to wisely use psychological knowledge to improve user experience and to open a very innovative job field. “User experience is a result of both product and emotion”. Dr. Yuan mentioned the concept and composition of user experience, analysis of target group and user requirements, even the environmental factors embodied in user research. From the design of up and down double drum washing machine to the latest changes in electrical outlets, Dr. Yuan moved his company's typical case into the classroom, presenting the true face of “user experience”. Dr. Yuan used humorous and professional words which included typical examples and psychological theory to tell the truth that user experience creates a broader prospect for psychology.

At the end of the lecture, when asked what skills are needed by the time of psychology students entering the workplace of user experience, changing the image of the charming professor, Dr. Yuan became a demanding boss: "As students completing the court, what is really needed to be exercised is a powerful psychological quality. Because knowledge can come from self-study, while only the strong mind can support a person to be successful."