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Academic Events

The 7th phase of “Gao Juefu Psychological Lectures” in School of Psychology: “An Exploratory Study on the Psychological Development of Chinese Middle - aged Intellectuals” by Prof. Weihua Niu from Pace University

On the afternoon of June 12, 2017, at the invitation of the School of Psychology, Nanjing Normal University, Dr. Niu Weihua, a psychology professor of Pace University, gave a speech about psychological development of Chinese middle-aged intellectuals. Prof. Niu studied creativity under the tutelage of the world famous psychologist Sternberg, and achieved her doctorate degree. She also served as the first Chinese president of Confucius Institute of Pace University.


The report was chaired by Prof. Qingrong Chen. Prof. Fu Hong, Dean of the School of Psychology, Prof. Deng Zhu, the Vice Dean, and other teachers and students, shared this wonderful presentation.


Prof. Niu follows Mr. Stenberg's research on creativity, and recently, she has been committed to studies about middle-aged people’s creativity, mental health and other characteristics.


At the beginning of her presentation, Prof. Niu explained the reasons why we should pay attention to middle age. In her opinion, there are three main points:(1) the global average lifespan is gradually expended year by year. (2) psychological studies on middle age are rare.(3) the direction of research on middle-aged people’s mental health is narrow. Moreover, Prof. Niu put forward the main discoveries of research about psychological development of middle age: (1) midlife crisis theory-U life. (2) psychological research about middle-aged successors. In addition, Prof. Niu proposed the necessity of carrying out psychological research of middle-aged people. Not only can we initiate Chinese intellectuals’ inward thing about their middle age, but also can help them make preparations for future life.  Based on this, Prof. Niu conducted a semi-structured depth interviews on 22 respondents by utilizing qualitative research and recorded the contents of the interview. After transforming and coding the contents, she shared and discussed her results, which attracted both the teachers and students’ interest.


This report ended up with wonderful speeches and explorative questions. Finally, Prof. Qingrong Chen appreciated Prof. Niu for her wonderful speech.