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Academic Events

The Opening Ceremony of National Summer School—— “Adolescent Brain Function Development and Mental Health”

Under the requirement of the new era, the national summer school (Psychology)—— "Adolescent Brain Function Development and Mental Health" was held in order to vigorously strengthen the psychology majors.


The opening ceremony was held on July 18, 2019. The ceremony was hosted by Zhou Hong, the Party Secretary of School of Psychology at Nanjing Normal University. 180 doctoral and postgraduate students from 49 universities attended the opening ceremony. Leaders and experts who presented at the opening ceremony include Professor Miao Jiandong, Vice President and Standing Committee member of the Party Committee of Nanjing Normal University; Zhou Xiaolin, Professor of Peking University, President of the Chinese Psychological Society; Wu Kangning, National Inspector of Education of the Ministry of Education, Professor of Nanjing Normal University, etc.


First of all, Vice President Miao expressed a warm welcome to all the experts, scholars and graduate students from all over the country. Miao introduced the history of Nanjing Normal University, especially the history of the School of Psychology. Meanwhile, Vice President Miao expressed his eager expectation for all the students, hoping that they could have obtain something fruitful from academic lectures and workshops. Professor Zhou Xiaolin, on behalf of the Ministry of Education, then expressed warm congratulations and gratitude on the successful opening of the summer school. He emphasized the importance of the construction of social psychological service system in the new era.





After that, Prof. Wu Kangning congratulated the successful opening of the summer school on behalf of Jiangsu Provincial Education Graduate Education Advisory Committee. Prof. Wu affirmed the work of the summer school and expressed the work is in the forefront of the whole country and has produced a positive demonstration significance. Finally, Prof. Deng Zhu, on behalf of the School of Psychology of Nanjing Normal University and Jiangsu Psychological Society, warmly welcomed the national graduate students and expressed gratitude to the support of Education Department of Jiangsu Province and Nanjing Normal University. Pro. Deng also expressed great gratitude to the subsequent teaching leaders and experts. After the opening ceremony, the experts, leaders and all the students took a group photo on the lawn.