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Academic Events

The Psychological Lecture — “Macropsychosocial Environment and Our Responsibility” by Prof. Zhang Ning

On the afternoon of July 25, 2019, Professor Zhang Ning, the incoming President of Asia  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Association standing committee, brought us the lecture of "Macropsychosocial environment and our responsibility". The lecture was hosted by Prof. Guo Yongyu, who is the director of Institute of Personality and Social Psychology at Nanjing Normal University and serves as an executive council member of Chinese Psychological Society

This lecture mainly focused the social psychological environment in China. First of all, from his own professional point of view, Prof. Zhang emphasized that doctors should pay attention to patients' mental health. He suggested that doctors who do not pay attention to people's mental health are not qualified. Next, Prof. Zhang suggested that understanding the current situation of China's psychosocial environment can help us discover the meaning of environment for individuals. Prof. Zhang elaborated the psychological influence of environment on the individual from seven aspects. Furthermore, he emphasized that education should guide children to explore themselves, establish independent personality, and protect and stimulate the creativity of children. Finally, Prof. Zhang summarized the history of domestic psychology in recent decades and prospected for the future, which reminded people to understand the impact of the macrosocial environment on individuals from a dialectical perspective.

At the end of the lecture, Prof. Zhang patiently answered questions for the students and brought them a feast of the intersection of medicine and psychology.