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Academic Events

The School of Psychology held the 2019 Spring Student Symposiums

The School of Psychology successfully held the 2019 Spring Student Symposiums at the Class Room 222, Xue Zheng Building, Xianlin Campus, Nanjing Normal University, from the 12:30 pm to 14:30 pm of May 6, May 7 and May 8 2019, respectively. The three symposiums were hosted by Dr. Xue Song, Vice Head of the Department of Psychology. Prof. Zhou Hong (Secretary of the Party Committee at School of Psychology), Prof. Deng Zhu (Dean of our School of Psychology), Wang Hui (Vice Secretary of the Party Committee at our School of Psychology), Dr. Wang Yunqiang (Vice Dean of School of Psychology), Prof. Li Xiaoping, Liu Shulan, Ren Lu, and some bachelor student representatives from our School of Psychology were invited to attend the symposiums.

In order to have in-depth discussions, the three symposiums were organized by the grades. The symposium for 2017 and 2018 Grades students focused on the topic of professional growth. Students in the symposium discussed with the School leaders and teachers on their confusions, ideas, and questions in the professional learning.  The symposium for 2016 Grade students focused on the topic of future career planning. People who attended this symposium had a positive interaction on the choices of undergraduate, postgraduate, and employment. The symposium for 2015 Grade students focused on the topic of experiences and gains in the university. The students shared their experiences, suggestions and advices with the School leaders and teachers.

The 2019 Spring Student Symposiums ended successfully in the warm applause. The Student Symposium provides a communication platform for the students and teachers in our School of Psychology. We are looking forward to have more students to attend the Symposium and to share their suggestions and advices in the next year.