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Academic Events

The School of Psychology held the 6th Seniors Forum Successfully

At the 7:00 pm of May 8, 2019, our School of Psychology successfully held the 6th Seniors Forum at the Class 101, Huaxing Building, Xianlin Campus, Nanjing Normal University. This forum was hosted by Dr. Xue Song, Vice Head of the Department of Psychology. Prof. Zhou Hong (Secretary of the Party Committee at School of Psychology), Wang Hui (Vice Secretary of the Party Committee at School of Psychology), Dr. Wang Yunqiang (Vice Dean of School of Psychology), Prof. Li Xiaoping, Liu Shulan, Ren Lu, and some bachelor students from our School of Psychology were invited to attend the forum.



The forum included six graduation speakers: Chen Feng, Gu Wen, Jiang Linting, Zhang Yin, Li Chuiwen, and Han Xin. Chen Feng first shared his experience on volunteering to teaching program and postgraduate recommendation. Gu Wen shared her experience on research paper writing and postgraduate recommendation to Beijing Normal University. Jiang Linting and Zhang Yin introduced their experiences on postgraduate entrance examinations and shared some notes that we should attention to. Li Chuiwen shared his experiences on applying master program abroad (especially in the United States) and learning English language. Han Xin introduced his personal advices and skills on job interview.

At the end of the forum, Dr. Wang Yunqiang delivered his speech. He first thanked the six graduation speakers for their sharing experiences and hoped all the bachelor students who attended this forum could gain fruitfully. The 6th Seniors Forum of the School of Psychology ended successfully in applause.