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Academic Events

The School of Psychology Successfully Held the 2019 Spring New Teacher Workshop

On the afternoon of May 15, 2019, our School of Psychology successfully held the 2019 Spring New Teacher Workshop at the Conference Room 308 of the School of Psychology, Suiyuan Campus, Nanjing Normal University. Prof. Zhou Hong (Secretary of the Party Committee at School of Psychology), Prof. Deng Zhu (Dean of our School of Psychology), Wang Hui (Vice Secretary of the Party Committee at School of Psychology), Prof. Chen Qiongrong (Vice Dean of School of Psychology), Dr. Wang Yunqiang (Vice Dean of School of Psychology), Prof. Chen Deliang (Vice Director of Department of Academic Affairs), Prof. Li Xiaoping, and more than twenty faculty and staffs from our School of Psychology were invited to attend the workshop.


This workshop was hosted by Dr. Wang Yunqiang. At the beginning of the workshop, the new teacher Dr. Zhang Jingjing first introduced the course she is teaching this seminar and presented a lecture on the course. After that, Dr. Zhang Jingjing had a positive discussion with other teachers on her teaching. Then, the new teacher Dr. Ding Yi presented a lecture entitled “Behaviorist Learning Theory”.  After he presented, teachers who attended this workshop gave him some suggestions and advices on his lecture and teaching.


Finally, a ceremony for the appointment of new teachers’ teaching supervisor was held. Prof. Jiang Jingchuan and Prof. Chen Chen were appointed as teaching supervisors for the new teachers Dr. Huang Yanli and Dr. Xie Jiushu, respectively. The Secretary Prof. Zhou Hong and the Dean Prof. Deng Zhu issued the appointment certificates for the two teaching supervisors. The 2019 Spring New Teacher Workshop ended successfully in applause.