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Yancheng City--Heart On the Move

A powerful tornado and hailstorm struck Sheyang County and Funing County in Yancheng City, Jiangsu around 14 p.m. on June 23, killing and injuring people, toppling houses, blocking roads and destroying agricultural vehicles. This immediately drew the hearts of the whole nation and the attention of the CPC Central Committee and State Council to the people in Yancheng City. President Jinping Xi has made important instructions, and governments at all levels have launched their emergency response and disaster-relief plans. For the moment, the emergency rescue and rebuilding work have been carried out orderly in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province.

Facing the sudden disaster, teachers and students at School of Psychology, Nanjing Normal University (SOP), responded rapidly and acted powerfully, forming the psychological assistance group and arranging for first-aid issues. Firstly, with the support from Jiangsu Branch of Red Cross Society of China and Jiangsu Psychological Society (JPS), SOP recruited volunteers with psychological background from SOP and society via websites and WeChat on June 24, and received almost 300 responses from applicants within a day. Vice Chair of JPS also director of the Clinical and Counseling Psychology Committee Mr. Laiheng Tao had his heart with the victimized area. Though hospitalized, he never forgets to give advice on volunteers’ training and work arrangement, and contacts people with expertise from all corners. From June 27 on, SOP will work with JPS to organize experts with rich experience in psychological aid to train volunteers so that they will meet professional requirements for the aid. On June 26, Professor Zhu Deng, JPS Secretary General and SOP Deputy Dean, led two psychology students to Funing County, the most seriously stricken area, in advance, where they will jointly work with related personnel of Chinese Psychological Society, give preliminary psychological assessment to the  victims, and carry out investigations on psychological aid, to make sure that the following group could work with pertinence on their arrival. Before that, Yancheng City No.1 People's Hospital (YCPH) had asked us for psychological assistance. On June 26, Miss Haoli Xi and Miss Yuanyuan An, who have rich experience of psychological assistance in post-disaster psychological assistance, will lead to YCPH the first volunteer group of over ten postgraduate students from SOP and teachers and students from Yancheng Psychological Society and Psychological Department of Yancheng Teachers University. Over a hundred severely wounded from Funing will be there. The volunteers will employ their expertise to accompany and comfort them, maintaining their mood stable for further treatment.

Facing natural disasters, psychologists in Jiangsu take their social responsibilities actively while teachers and students at SOP are transforming their care and kindness into timely and specific actions. The current work is just a beginning. Psychologists in Jiangsu will make steady efforts to provide psychological assistance suitable for their need by using more professional plans.

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