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Fang Hao Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
Visual perception and attention, emotion, social cognition,ergonomics, etc.

Educational Background:

  • PhD degree in Basic Psychology, National Key Lab of Brain and Cognitive Science, Psychology Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (2006)
  • Master's degree in Athletic Psychology, Capital Institute of Physical Education (2003)
  • Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Hebei Normal University (2000)

 Research Projects:

  •  "The Effect of Interpersonal Distance Perception upon Altruistic Behaviors" financed by Jiangsu Provincial Higher Institution Philosophy and Social Science Research Fund

Journal Articles:

  1. Hao, Fang, Qingbing Gong & Changjiang Liu. "The Impact of Cooperative Behavior and Belief  upon Cooperative Changes in Social Dilemmas". Psychological Science, 2016, 39(2): 448-453.
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