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Haoli Xi Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
Abnormal psychology, theory and practice of modern psychoanalysis

Educational Background:

  • PhD degree in Basic Psychology,Nanjing Normal University (2007)
  • Master's degree in Developmental Psychology, Nanjing Normal University (1999)
  • Bachelor's degree in Preschool Education, Nanjing Normal University (1996)

Research Projects:  

  • theory and practice of child psychoanalysis, etc.

Journal Articles:

  1. "Ideas and Practice of Play Therapy in Modern Psychoanalysis". Jun. 2010.
  2. "Method Study in Child Psychoanalysis". Oct. 2009.
  3. "Transitional Objects in Psychological Development of Children". Oct. 2008.


  1. Turnaround of Theory of Object Relation: Research of Winnicott. 2008.
  2. Winnicott: the Practitioner of Child Psychoanalysis. 2012.