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Houde Cai Professor

Research Interests: 
Lateralization and interaction of brain functions,language cognition,neuromechanism of attention, emotion and psychogeny

Educational Background:

  • Bachelor of science, Nanjing Normal University (1982)

Research Projects:

  • Jiangsu Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Research Projects (2004-2008)

Journal Articles:

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  1. Biological Psychology: From the Perspective of Cognitive Neurosciences (1st edition). Shanghai: Shanghia Education Press,2010.

Honors and Awards:

  • The Third prize of Jiangsu Provincial Scientific Research Achievement Award in Philosophy and Social Sciences (2007, 2014)

Academic Title:

  • Director of Physiology and Psychology Branch of Chinese Psychological Society
  • Deputy Director of Basic Psychology and Experimental Psychology Committee of Jiangsu Psychological Society