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Jiushu Xie Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Social Neuroscience: Theory of Mind, Perspective Taking, Mentalization, Egocentrism, Altercentrism, Curse of Knowledge, Social Interaction, and Social Perception
  • Language Processing: Conceptual Metaphor, Conceptual Representation, and Bilingualism

Lecture, Nanjing Normal University (2019-Present)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Psychology, South China Normal University (2015-2018)


Educational Background
Ph.D., Psychology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2012-2015)

M.Phil., Developmental and Educational Psychology, South China Normal University (2009-2012)

B.A., Education, Qufu Normal University, (2005-2009)


Research Projects

1. Moral Projection in Perspective Taking and Theory of Mind, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (First Class), CNY 80,000, Grant No: 2016M600658, 2016-2018. (PI: Jiushu Xie).

2. The Interaction between Conceptual and Perceptual Processing, The National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Foundation of China, CNY 720,000, 2012-2016. (Team Member; PI: Ruiming Wang).

3. Perceptual Symbol Systems in Abstract Concepts, Major Projects of Humanities and Social Sciences at Key Research Base of Ministry of Education of China, CNY 100,000, 13JJD190006, 2013-2015. (Team Member; PI: Ruiming Wang).

Journal Articles

(† indicates authors equally distributed)

1. Lin, J., Xie, J., Xiang, Y., Cui, X., Dai, X., Liao, J., Li, Z., Lin, Z., Chen, Y., Mo, L. (In Press). Interhemispheric functional connectivity and its relationships with creative problem solving. NeuroReport.

2. Xie, J., Cheung, H., Shen, M., & Wang, R. (2018). Mental rotation in false belief understanding. Cognitive Science, 42(4), 1179-1206.

3. Xie, J.†, Zhong, X.†, Xiang, Y., Wang, R., Zhang, J., Xie, J., & Mo, L. (2018). Universal phonological features: Evidence from phonological similarity judgment on unknown languages. Experimental Psychology, 65(4), 171-182.

4. Wang, H.†, Xie, J.†, Mo, C., He, X., Wang, R., Yu, R., & Mo, L. (2018). Situations restructure the congruency between action and valence in the action-evaluation effect. Scientific Reports, 8(1), 4896.

5. Huang, Y.†, Xie, J.†, & Wang, R. (2018). Electroencephalography delta, theta, and alpha oscillations in valence-space metaphorical associations. NeuroReport, 29 (12), 1017–1022.

6. Huang, Y., Tse, C.-S., & Xie, J. The bidirectional congruency effect of brightness-valence metaphoric association in the Stroop-like and priming paradigms. (2018). Acta Psychologica, 189, 76-92.

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8. Chen, K., Ye, Y., Xie, J., Xia, T., & Mo, L. (2017). Working memory operates over the same representations as attention. PLoS One, 12.

9. Zhao Sasa, Xiang Yanhui, Xie, J., Ye Yanyan, Li Tianfeng, & Mo Lei. (2017). The positivity bias phenomenon in face perception given different information on ability. Frontiers in Psychology, 8: 570.

10. Xie, J., Lu Zhi, Wang, R., & Cai Zhenguang Garry. (2016). Remember hard but think softly: Metaphorical effects of hardness/softness on cognitive functions. Frontiers in Psychology, 7: 1343.

11. Chang, S.†, Xie, J.†, Li, L., Wang, R., & Liu, M. (2016). Switch costs occur at lemma stage when bilinguals name digits: Evidence from language-switching and event-related potentials. Frontiers in Psychology, 7:1249.

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16. Xie, J., Wang, R., Sun, X., & Chang, S. (2013). Effect of perceptual load on conceptual processing: An extension of Vermeulen's theory. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 117, 542-558.

17. Zhang, C., Wang, R., Xie, J., & Sun, X. (2013). The perceptual symbol representation and propositional symbol representation of color concept. Studies of Psychology and Behavior, 11, 463-469. (In Chinese)

18. Chang, S., Wang, R., Li, L., & Xie, J.. (2013). Activation of non-target words during Chinese-English bilinguals’ language production. Psychological Development and Education, 01, 502-509. (In Chinese)

19. Xie, J., Wang, R., Zhang, K., & Zhang, C. (2012). The effect of different kinds of perceptual stimulus on language comprehension. Psychological Development and Education, 05, 502-509. (In Chinese). Reprinted by Photocopying of Newspapers and Journals of Renmin University of China (2013). (In Chinese)

20. Xie, J., Zhang, C., Wang, R., & Lu, Z. (2011). Paradigms in the study of Perceptual Symbol Systems. Advances in Psychological Science, 19, 1293-1305. (In Chinese)


Selected Conference Presentations 

1. Xie J., Cheung H., Huang Y., & Mo L. (2017). Embodied simulation in false belief understanding reflected in the rotation related negativity. Poster presented in the 10th Annual Meeting of the Social & Affective Neuroscience Society, 16-18/03 2017, Los Angeles, USA.

2. Xie J., Huang Y., Tse C-S., & So W-C.. (2017). The flexible nature of space-time metaphoric association. Paper presented in the 4th Annual Conference of the Chinese Association of Psycholinguistics, 19 – 21 / 05 2017, Guangzhou, China. (In Chinese)

3. Xie J., Huang Y., Tse C.-S., & So W-C. (2014). Revisiting the space-time metaphoric association: Does the movement of spatial reference frames matter?. Poster presented in the Psychonomic Society's 55th Annual Meeting, 20-23/11 2014, Long Beach, USA.

4. Xie J., Cheung H., & Wang X. (2014). Affective words influence spatial discrimination in the phonological loop. Poster presented in the 26th Association for Psychological Science’s Annual Convention, 22-25/5 2014, San Francisco, USA.


Honors and Awards 

Psychology Department Thesis Award, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2015)


Academic Title 
Reviewer for International Journal of Psychology, Frontiers in Psychology, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, and Acta Psychologica Sinica.


Emailjiusxie[at] (please use @ to replace [at])