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Tifei Yuan Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Plasticity of synaptic transmission of brain neurons and diseases
  • Plasticity of the whole structure of brain and diseases
  • Plasticity of cerebral cortext function and diseases of addiction

Educational Background:

  • PhD, Neuroscience, University of Geneva (2013)
  • MPhil, Neuroscience, University of Hong Kong (2009)
  • BSc, Sun Yat-sen University (2007)

Research Interests:

  1. Plasticity of synaptic transmission of brain neurons and diseases: functional change of dopaminergic neurons in diseases caused by drug addiction and distress;
  2. Plasticity of the whole structure of brain and diseases: to study the changes of brain structure in patients of brain injury and mental disorder by using brain imaging technique and rehabilitation training;
  3. Plasticity of cerebral cortext function and diseases of addiction: using non-invasive neural control technique to changeexcitability and plasticity of cerebral cortex for the treatment of mental diseases of addition, etc; using mirror neuron system training to promote rehabilitation of brain function of stroke patients and improve their mood state.

Journal Articles(Selected publications 2013-2016):

  1. Shen Y, Cao X, Shan C, Dai W, Yuan TF *. (2016) Heroin Addiction Impairs Human Cortical Plasticity. Biol psychiatry; doi:10.1016/j.biopsych.2016.06.013 (IF 11.2)
  2. Wang Y, Shen Y, Cao X, Shan C, Pan J, He H, Ma Y *, Yuan TF * (2016) Transcranial direct current stimulation of the frontal-parietal-temporal area attenuates cue-induced craving for heroin. J Psychiatric Res 79: 1-3. (IF3.9)
  3. Shen Y, Cao X, Tan T, Shan C, Wang Y, Pan J, He H, Yuan TF *. (2016) 10 Hz repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation of the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex reduces Heroin cue craving in long-term addicts. Biological Psychiatry 80:e13-14 (IF 11.2)
  4. Yuan TF, Mameli M, O'Connor E, Narayan PD, Verpelli C, Sala C, Perez-Otano I, Luscher C, Bellone C *. (2013) Expression of cocaine-evoked synaptic plasticity by GluN3A-containing NMDA receptors. Neuron 80(4): 1025-1038. (IF 15.05)
  5. Shi, Z, Ren H, Huang Z, Peng Y, He B, Yao X *, Yuan TF *, Su H*. (2016)Fish oil prevents Lipopolysaccharide -induced depressive-like behavior by inhibiting neuroinflammation.Mol Neurobiol, In press(IF 5.137)
  6. Yuan TF #, *, Li A#, Sun X#, Ouyang H, Campos C, Rocha NBF, Arias-Carrion O, Machado S, Hou G *, So KF *. (2016) Transgenerational inheritance of paternal neurobehavioral phenotypes: stress, addiction, ageing and metabolism. Molecular Neurobiology, in press. DOI: 10.1007/s12035-015-9526-2 (IF 5.137)
  7. Hou G *, Zhao Y, Yang X, Yuan TF *. (2015) Autophagy does not contribute to the asymmetrical hippocampal injury in chronic stress. Physiol Behav 144: 1-6 (IF 2.9)
  8. Yuan TF *, Slotnick B. Roles of olfactory system dysfunction in depression. Prog Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry 2014; 54: 26-30. (IF 3.689)
  9. Hou G *, Xiong W, Wang M, Chen X, Yuan TF *. Chronic stress influences sexual motivation and causes damage to testicular cells in male rats. J Sex Med 2014; 11: 653-663. (IF3.150)
  10. Tan Y, Ren H, Shi Z, Yao X, He C, Kang JX, Wan JB, Li P, Yuan TF *, Su H*.  (2016) Endogenous Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) prevents Aβ1-42 oligomers induced neuronal injury. Mol Neurobiol 53: 3146-3153. (IF 5.137)
  11. Zhang Y, Peng B, Wang S, Liang YX, Yang J, So KF *, Yuan TF * (2016) Image processing methods to elucidate spatial characteristics of retinal microglia after optic nerve transection. Scientific Reports 6: 21816. (IF 5.578)
  12. Chen W, Ye Q, Ji X, Zhang S, Yang X, Zhou Q, Cong F, Chen W, Zhang X, Zhang B, Xia Y*, Yuan TF *, Shan C* (2015) Mirror neuron system based therapy for aphasia rehabilitation.Front Psychol 6:1665. (IF 2.6, SSCI)
  13. Yuan TF *, #, Liang YX #, Peng B #, Lin B *, So KF*. Local proliferation is the main source of rod microglia after optic nerve transection. Scientific Reports 2015; 5:10788 (IF5.578) (# for equal contribution)
  14. Yuan TF #, Liang YX #, Tay DKC, So KF *, Ellis-Behnke RG*. Rostral migratory stream vasculature as the niche for neural proliferation and cell migration. Cell Transplantation 2015; 24: 377-390. (# for equal contribution) (IF 3.127)
  15. Wang W, Zhang X, Xia Y, Ye Q, Ji X, Yang X, Zhou Q, Cong F, Chen W, Zhang B, Yuan TF *, Shan C*.  Mirror neuron therapy for hemispatial neglect patients. Scientific Reports 2015; 5: 8664. (IF 5.578)

Honors and Awards:

  • Marie Currie Fund of European Union, 2012-2013;
  • EMBO Short Term Fellowship of European Union, 2015;
  • The Second prize of Jiangsu Medical Science Advances Award, 2015
  • Newton Mobility Award, UK, 2016

Academic Titles:

  • Assessor of Natural Science Foundation of China and China Scholarship Council, etc.
  • Associate editor of Frontiers in Psychology (SSCI), J Neg Res Biomed, etc.
  • Editor Board member for PeerJ ,Plos One , J Mol Neurosci , Behav Brain Funct , SpringerPlus , J Alzheimer Dis, etc.
  • Invited reviewer of over 40 SCI journals, including Stem Cells, Sci Rep, Mol Neurobiol, etc.