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Xiaojiang Zhang Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Neuromechanism of aesthetic processing: to explore mental processes and neural basis of aesthetic appreciation and experience activities
  • Mental processes and neural basis of false memory: to explore mental mechanism and neural basis of different types of false memory
  • Psychological and neural mechanisms of face-based social information processing

Educational Background:

  • PhD degree in Basic Psychology, Nanjing Normal University, 2010;
  • Master's degree in Basic Psychology, Nanjing Normal University, 2004;
  • Bachelor's degree in Preschool Education, Jiangxi Normal University, 1998

Research Projects:

  1. "Psychological Mechanism of Aesthetic Experience", Jiangsu Provincial Higher Education Philosophy and Social Sciences Fund, Jan.2012 - Dec. 2015;
  2. "Psychological Mechanism of Aesthetic Perception", National Social Sciences Fund of China(general), Jun. 2015 - Dec. 2018

Journal Articles:

  1. "Neural Mechanism of Face-Based Aesthetic Processing and Individual Differences". Journal of Psychological Science, 2015(3).
  2. "Neural Aesthetics: an Emerging Field with Both Promises and Challenges". Nanjing Normal University Journal (Social Science edition), 2013(5). (included by Liberal Arts Colleges Academic Abstracts, 2013(6)).
  3. "The Brain Mechanism of Spatial Reasoning: an ERP Research". Journal of Psychological Science, 2012(4).
  4. "Is Deductive Reasoning Based on Rules or Models? -- Evidence from Spatial Reasoning". Advances in Psychological Science, 2010(2).
  5. "A Review of Brain Imaging Research on General Fluid Intelligence". Advances in Psychological Science, 2009(2).
  6. "Intervention Response Models of Learning Disabilities Assessment". Chinese Journal of Special Education, 2008(3).
  7. "The Ability-Achievement Discrepancy Model of Learning Disabilities Assessment". Advances in Psychological Science, 2006(2).
  8. "The Cognitive Process and Characteristic Analysis in Solving the Problem of Tower of Hanoi". Studies of Psychology and Behavior, 2005(1). (This article was reprinted by Journal of Psychology(Reprography of Renmin University of China), 2005(8).)