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Xiaoping Li Professor

Research Interests: 
Social Psychology-social conflict, social dynamics, social power and intergroup relationship

Educational Background

  • EdD, Education, Nanjing Normal University (2003)
  • MA, Scientific Philosophy, Southeast University (1988)
  • BA, Chemistry, Nanjing Normal University (1982)

Research Projects:

  • The Solving Strategies to Group Conflicts, Jiangsu Province Social Science Fund  Project (2010)
  • Dynamic Mechanics of Group Conflicts and the Strategies to Solving Conflicts, Ministry of Education Fund of Humanities and Social  Science (2010)

Journal Articles:

  1. The Effect of the Empathy and Power on People’s Moral Thinking, Chinese Journal of Applied Psychology, 2016 (in press)
  2. The Effects of Power on Altruistic Behavior: Under Different Relationship Orientation, Studies of Psycology and Behavior,2015,13(4).
  3. Numerical Cognition: A Prospective on Self-organization Theory,International Journal of Psychophysiology, 2014, 94(2).
  5. Priming Effects of Power on Implicit and Explicit Attitudes toward Violence, Chinese Journal of Applied Psychology, 2014,4.
  6. The Effects of Empathy as Contextual Variable on Violence Attitude, Psychological Development and Education, 2014, 30(5).
  7. Nonconscious Priming of Feelings of Power: An Study on Methods, Studies of Psychology and Behavior, 2014, 12(3).
  8. The Application of Dynamics and Attractor Theory in Conflict Study, Psychological Science, 2013, 36(1).
  9. A Dynamical Perspective on Conflict Resolution Strategies, Journal of Nanjing Normal University (Social Science Enition),2013, 1.
  10. The Effects of Authoritarian Personality and Power on Moral Thinking, Acta Psychology Sinica, 2012, 44(7).


  1. The Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships, translator, written by Ellen Berscheid & Pamela Regan, Shanghai Educational Press, 2015.
  2. The Dynamic Mechanics of Social mentality and behavior, Jiangsu People Press, 2012.
  3. Open the Heart: the Counseling Psychology for Growth of Teenagers,Editor in Chief,Southeast University Press, 2008.
  4. Introduction To Psychology, Editor in Chief, Nanjing Normal University Press, 2005.
  5. Social Psychology, Jiangsu Educational Press,2002.

Academic Title:

  • Professor of Psychology