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Yunqiang Wang Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
Moral and personality development

Educational Background:

  • PhD degree in Developmental and Educational Psychology, Nanjing Normal University, 2009
  • Master’ s degree in, Basic Psychology, Nanjing Normal University, 2004
  • Bachelor’s degree in School Education, Qufu Normal University, 2001

Research Projects:

  1. "Psychological Characteristics of Moral Values of Today’s Chinese Young Men and Educational Tactics". Financed by the Youth fund of National Social Science Foundation of China, 2014-2017;
  2. "Moral Personality of Chinese Adolescents". Financed by Jiangsu Provincial Social Science Fund, 2010 - 2013;
  3. "Theoretical and Practical Research on Moral Personality Development of Today’s Chinese Adolescents", the key project of Jiangsu Provincial 11th Five-Year Plan Program in Educational Science, 2009-2010

Journal Articles:

  1. Wang, Yunqiang & Benyu Guo. "The Emergence of Moral Personality Research in the Multi-Disciplinary Context". Journal of Southwest University for Nationalities (Humanities and Social Science edition), 2016(6): 204-208.(CSSCI)
  2. Wang, Yunqiang. "Moral Psychology in Post-Kohlberg Time: Examination and Reflection". Nanjing Normal University Journal (Social Science edition), 2015(5): 95-102.(CSSCI)
  3. Wang, Yunqinag & Benyu Guo. "Preliminary Study on Moral Personality Characteristics of Chinese College Students". Journal of Psychological Science, 2011, 34(6): 1336-1340. (CSSCI)
  4. Wang, Yunqinag. "Two Orientations in Moral Personality Studies in Today’s West". Advances in Psychological Science, 2009, 17(4): 784-787. (CSSCI)
  5. Wang, Yunqiang & Jianzhong Qian. "Mechanism of Cytokines Influencing Morbid Mood". Chinese Journal of Immunology,2008, 24(4):378-380.(CSCD)
  6. Wang, Yunqiang, Benyu Guo and Huihong Wu. "The Effect of Emotional State on Moral Judgment of Chinese College Students". Journal of Psychological Science, 2007, 30(6): 1324-1327. (CSSCI)
  7. Wang, Yunqiang & Jianzhong Qiao. "Relations Between Moral-Self Realization and Emotional Experience of Primary School Students".Journal of Psychological Science, 2006, 29(1): 205-207. (CSSCI)
  8. Wang, Yunqinag. "The Effect of Emotional Activities on Immune System". Advances in Psychological Science, 2004, 12(4): 519-523.(CSSCI)

Honors and Awards:

  • Selected as the Excellent Young Backbone Teacher of the "Qinglan Project" of Nanjing Normal University, 2015
  • The Winning Prize in the 10th Young Teacher Teaching Contest of Nanjing Normal University, 2014