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Zhangjingjing Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
Music perception, language perception, neural mechanism

Educational background

Ph.D., Basic Psychology, Institute of Psychology, CAS (2014-2017)

M. Ed., Developmental and Educational Psychology, Nanjing Normal University (2011-2014)

B.A., Applied Psychology, Anhui University (2007-2011)


Research projects

2015-2018 Co-PI: The processing of large-scale structures in music and its neural mechanisms (National Natural Science Foundation of China, 31470985).

2012-2014 Co-PI: Syntactic Priming during Chinese Sentence Comprehension: Evidence form Eye Movements and Event-Related Potentials (National Natural Science Foundation of China, 31100814).


Journal Articles (selected)


Zhang, J., Zhou, X., Chang, R., & Yang, Y. (2018). Effects of global and local contexts on chord processing: An ERP study. Neuropsychologia, 109, 149-154.

Zhang, J., Jiang, C., Zhou, L., & Yang, Y. (2016). Perception of hierarchical boundaries in music and its modulation by expertise. Neuropsychologia, 91, 490-498.

Chen, Q., Zhang, J.*, Xu, X., Scheepers, C., Yang, Y., & Tanenhaus, M. K. (2016). Prosodic expectations in silent reading: ERP evidence from rhyme scheme and semantic congruence in classic Chinese poems. Cognition, 154, 11-21.

Chinese Journals (selected)

Zhang, J., & Yang, Y. (2017). Influential factors in musical syntactic processing. Advances in Psychological Science, 25(11), 1823-1830.

Li, W., Zhang, J., & Yang, Y. (2017). The cognitive processing of contrastive focus and its relationship with pitch accent. Acta Psychologica Sinica, 49(9), 1137-1149.