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Zhu Deng Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Thinking psychology (problem solution, thinking structure and stylistic development, key elements and development of creativity, etc.)
  • Visual psychology and user experience (usability assessment, psychology in environmental and engineering design)
  • Psychological research methodology (experimental psychology, psychological statistics and SPSS application)

Educational Background:

  • PhD, General Psychology, Nanjing Normal University (2002)
  • Senior Visiting Scholar,South West Normal University(1997)

Research Projects:

  1. "Research on the Representation Mechanism of Knowledge Enriching Problems and Strategies of Intelligence Training of Students", National Educational Science Planning Project
  2. "Research on the Psychological Mechanism of Creative Thinking", Jiangsu Provincial Philosophy and Social Sciences Planning Project

Journal Articles:

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  21. "Design of Open-Ended Questionnaires on Cognition of Primary and Middle School Teachers". Psychology: Techniques and Application, 2014,10:18-23.


  1. Modern Cognitive Psychology. Nanjing: Jiangsu Education Press, 2001.
  2. Research Methodology of Behavioral Science. Xi’an: Shaanxi Normal University Press, 2005.
  3. Applied Experimental Psychology. Shanghai: Shanghai Education Press, 2006.
  4. Psychological Statistics and SPSS Application. Shanghai: East China Normal University Press, 2009.
  5. Introduction to Experimental Psychology. Beijing: China Light Industry Press, 2012.
  6. Experimental Psychology. Beijing: Beijing Normal University Press, 2016.

Academic Title:

  1. Member of General and Experimental Psychology Committee and Community Psychology Committee of Chinese Psychological Society
  2. Vice President of East China Association of User Experience Alliance China
  3. Vice President and Secretary-General of Jiangsu Provincial Psychological Society
  4. Reviewer or member of editorial committee of Journal of Psychology, Journal of Psychological Science, Psychology: Techniques and Application, Community Psychology, etc.