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NNU School of Psychology’s The Aged Psychology Research Base & The Aged Psychological Health Collaborative Innovation Center

In December, 2012, the Aged Psychological Health Collaborative Innovation Center, Nanjing Normal University (NNU), which is the “2011 Plan” Project awarded to NNU, was established. In March, 2015, the Aged Psychology Research Base, a university-level research institution, was established. The head for both: Professor Hong Fu. The base gathers a number of national and ministerial-provincial talents and leading experts and scholars, among whom there is 1 foreign academician, 1 Distinguished Professor who is a Changjiang-Scholar Recognized by Ministry of Education, 1 member of the State Council’s Psychological Appraisal Group, 1 person from the National Hundred-Thousand-Decathousand Talents, 1 Vice President of International Union of Psychological Science, 2 current/former directors of Chinese Psychological Society, 4 standing directors of Chinese Psychological Society, 3 presidents of societies of the provincial level, 1 director of National Disciplinary Laboratory, 1 deputy director of Chinese Academy of Sciences Key Laboratory.

Since the establishment of the institution, we stick to the system of government, enterprises, education, research and application, and gathered domestic advanced platforms for the research in and service of aged psychological health. Aiming at being domestic first-class and international influential quality as well as societal concerns on the aged psychological health, we carried out application researches on the aged psychological health against the background of Chinese culture, and advocated and daringly led the formulation of professional standards for "psychological care for Chinese aged". We conducted all-covering surveys in , built up databases on, and regularly published white papers of, psychological health of the aged. We established the Community Service Centers for the Aged that combines various functionalities of psychological care for the aged, scientific research and transformation of achievements, and developed a great many products for the aged psychological health with fair economic value, forming the product chain of investigation, evaluation, diagnosis and rehabilitation, so as to set up the demonstration center and achievement-transforming base that leads the development of the Chinese aged psychology.

Serving the aged--Psychological Aid System for the Aged with “Three Helps--Self-help, Mutual Help and Professional Help

1.Self-help. Active publicity to improve the ability in the aged for psychological self-help. Through psychological professionals' publicity like panels, into-home promotion and related lectures etc.,we help the aged to master the basic knowledge of psychological health, promoting their ability of self-care for psychological health.

2.Mutual help. Professional training to promote peers' ability for psychological nursing. Peers mainly includes relatives, community workers and community volunteers. Through the professional psychological training, we promote their ability of psychological caring for the aged and early intervention in some psychological problems, so as to provide multiple support and aid such as emotional and psychological aid to the aged.

3.Professional help. Professional support,  to promote the problem-Intervention ability of community doctors. Professionals (like psychology teachers and psychological health teachers at universities) jointly work with community doctors. Through community doctors' psychological intervention on the aged and dispelling their misgivings, they effectively intervene the aged with serious psychological diseases such as depression.

The Monitoring of Aged Psychological Health

The Collaborative Innovation Center for Aged Psychological Health aims at developing "The Evaluation System for Chinese Aged Psychological", to give a more accurate evaluation and monitoring on the psychological health features of the aged. Its practical application has important theoretical and practical meanings towards improving the ability of society, families and individual to deal with physical and psychological problems of the aged, and promoting active aging and the development of aging psychological industry.

The developmental features of the evaluation system of aged psychology:

  • Portability
  • Multifunction
  • Audio-visual synchronization
  • Appropriate content load
  • Collection and classification of adaptive data