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Academic Events

2017 College of Liberal Arts Teaching Conference

March 8, by the College of Arts Liu presided over the teaching work conference held in the liberal arts conference room. The meeting President Liu on the six major issues with the teachers of the Teaching Committee to communicate, and fully promote democracy, listen to everyone's ideas.

First of all, the problem of time process, President Liu pointed out that for the current undergraduate students practice "formal" phenomenon, the need to establish time teaching practice time makes practice time standardized, internship content specific, mainly professional distinctions and professional Relevance, the previous internship report is not specific enough to recommend a unified internship report in the form and content. After the heated discussion, the teachers decided to regard WeChat academy public number as a platform for student internships, or the establishment of a special student internship number.

Followed by the format of the thesis, by the teachers to discuss the decision, in accordance with the minimum requirements of the school, liberal arts professional not less than 8000 words, the reference literature of not less than 15, for the notes without requirements.

In view of the development of curriculum construction, President Liu pointed out by the hospital to provide funds to promote the main courses online, and strive to reduce the workload of teachers, lack of business, serious and responsible, all for students to improve students’ access to knowledge channels. On the specific recording process, teachers in-depth discussion, and finally made recommendations, micro-class no more than 20 minutes, a course a teacher recording, and to fight for the teacher's labor costs.

For the teacher tutor responsibility system, President Liu pointed out: for freshmen entering the university, if a teacher to lead them, for their academic and even life is very helpful, before we fully listen to The students of the views, to the students held a forum, covering all grades and professional students, students of high recognition, we want students to think, I hope you teachers to express their views. At present, the Secretary has been the first to establish a school tutor system, a school of academic tutor system vanguard, hope, the professional combination of professional practice, to carry out.

Finally, according to the discussion, the initial decision, according to the needs of students, interested groups, such as: academic, writing style of philosophy and philosophy, etc., according to the needs of students to determine the mentor, so that teachers can not only become a student Of the mentor, is the mentor of life.

Finally, we agreed on the specific requirements of the academic tutor system: first by the mentor set up micro-credit group, and secondly, the mentor and the students at least once in January, and finally, the instructor submitted a summary each semester.

In view of the problem of professional courses, President Liu pointed out that the current college has no restrictions on the number of elective courses, which has led to many problems. In order to standardize the teaching management, it is necessary to clarify the upper limit of the number of elective courses, and finally decided by the teachers that elective class limit of 80 people.

For the undergraduate teaching reward problem, has been the teachers are more concerned about the issue, the liberal arts school for the benefit of teachers to improve the quality of teaching purposes. To implement this, the undergraduate teaching encouragement system will be established, which is separated from the master's and doctor’s degree, undergraduate course to A course of the award, the specific details of the problem, still to be agreed.

The convening of the meeting solved a lot of problems in college teaching, and ensured the quality of learning for the future teaching management of the College to provide the direction.(Liu Qiaomeng)