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Academic Events

Associate Professor Li Bin guest liberal arts lecture "computational linguistics"

On the evening of April 12, Associate Professor Li Bin, guest speaker of liberal arts lectures, talked about "computational linguistics - digital humanities and humanities and social sciences".

Digital humanities is the new research method of humanities and social sciences in the world. It is valuable to inherit and develop the history, language and literature of Chinese traditions by using computer technology and multimodal method to digitize and model the literature and history.

Associate Professor Li Bin first asked everyone how to understand the digital humanities, but also with what kind of doubts, so in the lectures more targeted, but also to make a better speech. Students for the understanding of digital humanities is not too much, its understanding still remain in the ancient books on the digital. Li Bin teacher said that the ancient books will be scanned and digital preservation is only the first step in digital humanities, more importantly, after the preservation of the text analysis, so that we can better use. Associate Professor Li Bin also suggested that China has just started in this respect, there is still a long way to go.

Then, Associate Professor Li Bin to the students about the foreign figures in the digital achievements. Foreign started earlier, and soon after the computer appeared, someone began to digitize the text in order to better retrieve. Although the method seems to be a bit behind today, but at the time is undoubtedly a huge step forward. Foreign not only for their own traditional literary philosophy of digital processing, some of their traditional Chinese culture is also interested in the field of digital humanities will be extended to the traditional Chinese culture. Li Bin teachers believe that those who are the great wealth of the Chinese nation, is a treasure.

Finally, Professor Li Bin to introduce the liberal arts teachers and students in the digital and human aspects of the results, the content covers a wide range of results significantly. It is important and meaningful to digitize and analyze the traditional culture, and it is possible for more people to understand and develop it well and to cut into traditional culture from a new perspective. Li Bin teacher in the last to tell you if the digital humanities are interested, or what ideas, I welcome you to find him. (Bao Yu Heng)