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Academic Events

Boya Lecture Hall-a light dress, mixed with sadness and joy

On the afternoon of March 13, teachers, associate professors and tutors of Master's degree students, Mr. Ai Xiumei, held an elegant lecture hall in Classroom 307 of the main building on the theme of "wearing light clothes, mixing sadness and joy - talking about the emotional experience in the aesthetic appreciation of contemporary Chinese clothes". It closely conformed to the phenomenon of "Han clothes fever" and brought students a taste of the unique charm of Han clothes and the delicate emotional experience brought about by wearing them.Boya Lecture Hall is sponsored by the Academic Affairs Department of Nanjing Normal University and sponsored by the College of Literature of Nanjing Normal University. It aims to make use of high-quality teacher resources, broaden students'horizons, cultivate students' interest in areas other than specialty, and create comprehensive talents.


In the applause, Ms. Ai Xiumei came to the stage, starting from the history of Hanfu, from the classification of Hanfu in the Han and Tang Dynasties to the first man Wang Letian who came out of the street in 2003, and to today's daily clothing, the survey data prove that the current Hanfu fever has gradually formed a unique sub-culture in China; the next video of reciting performances enables students to intuitively feel the Chinese culture for modern people.On the basis of the appeal and appeal, this paper analyses the sense of belonging and love for Chinese culture expressed in Hanfu, the sadness brought by the decline of Chinese culture from prosperity to decline, and the expectation and joy brought by the current wave of reviving traditional culture.Teacher Ai Xiumei even invited two students to attend the lecture. The students wearing Chinese clothes came to the stage to introduce their Chinese clothes, which caused a small climax and aroused the students'yearning for Chinese clothes.

The lecture hall of Boya explored the historical origin and psychological motivation behind the popular sub-culture of Hanfu, analyzed the causes of the complex emotional experience of Hanfu, made the people in Hanfu circle feel more intimate, at the same time, popularized Hanfu knowledge to the public, revealed the cultural pride and sense of belonging of Hanfu, and explored the direction and possibility of the healthy development of Hanfu movement.Another practice of living aesthetics.

At last, Miss Ai Xiumei interacted with her classmates. They all expressed that they had benefited a lot from Miss Ai Xiumei's lecture. The lecture was successfully concluded with warm applause.


Student Development Center of College of Literature