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Academic Events

Chief Editor Bao Lei And Associate Professor Wan Yu Gave a Lecture on Book Publishing.

On the morning of December 1, 2020, the publishing industry lecture "children's book publishing plate and its operation mode" was held in 208 audio-visual education building, Suiyuan campus, Nanjing Normal University. The lecture was presided over by Ms. Bao Lei, editor in chief of Nanjing Bokai culture company, director of Beidou xiaowhale children's book library, and presided over by Wan Yu, teacher of liberal arts college. More than 30 students from the publishing major of the College of Arts participated in the lecture. At the beginning of the lecture, Bao Lei, editor in chief, combined with his own experience in the first line of publishing industry for decades, briefly described the great changes in the book market environment in recent ten years, and introduced several major changes in the publishing plate and its operation mode under this background. Bao Lei, editor in chief, first talked about the changes in book pricing. With the rapid development of market economy and the popularization of Internet technology, the situation that state-owned bookstores once occupied the book market no longer exists, and all kinds of private bookstores and online bookstores began to rise. Due to the different sales channels, the same book may have several different pricing. In view of the confusion of Book Pricing Management in the current market, Bao Lei, editor in chief, points out that the current book pricing has gradually lost its guiding significance in the past, but for long-term books, the pricing of paper books still has a certain guiding role. Secondly, Bao Lei, editor in chief, talked about the changes in sales channels. Bao Lei, editor in chief, believes that from the traditional Xinhua Bookstore to private bookstores and then to the emergence of e-commerce, the ever widening book sales channels have injected new vitality into the book market, and at the same time, it is also challenging the editor's Book Research and development ability to a certain extent. Editors need to have the concept of channel distribution, and implement this concept into the whole process of book publishing. Thirdly, in the past "double 11", book sales as a whole has achieved good results, which is closely related to the more and more diversified book marketing methods. Bao Lei, editor in chief, takes Weiya live delivery as an example, and points out that the current book marketing mode is changing from the former writer signing mode to the online red mode. In the current market environment, to do a good job in book marketing, we should also pay attention to community operation and fan viscosity training. Finally, with the popularization of new media technology, the way of book presentation is constantly changing, from pure text presentation to illustrations, illustrations, to multimedia e-book presentation, the diversity of choices leads to the continuous improvement of readers' satisfaction. This requires editors to constantly update their editing concepts according to the changes of market environment and readers' needs, and publish books that can meet the needs of readers. In addition to the above points, editor in chief Bao Lei also systematically explained the composition of book number for us, and put forward the importance of standardizing the market order from the perspective of senior practitioners. Speaker introduction: Bao Lei, whose pseudonym is Yu Feiyu, has been engaged in the creation and publishing of children's books for more than 30 years. She has presided over and published many excellent children's books, such as "little Academy of traditional Chinese learning", "small bookshop of famous works of new curriculum standard", "Chinese classic award-winning fairy tales" series "five minutes play out attention". She has created "children's financial intelligence enlightenment picture book", "a king has no money", "colorful paper" and "mineral water" His works such as "free", "Mi Huanhuan's Bank" and other works have won more than 30 national book awards, such as "five one project award", "Bingxin children's Book Award", and five National Paper Awards. She is currently the editor in chief of Nanjing Bokai culture company and the curator of Beidou little whale children's library. Wan Yu, doctor of literature, associate professor, graduate supervisor, literature college, Nanjing Normal University. She is a member of children's Reading Promotion Committee of China Library Society and director of national reading research center of Nanjing Normal University. The research fields include reading science, reading therapy, reading assessment, reading guidance for children with special needs, child development psychology, and children's reading therapy. She has many monographs, such as "focus reading", "family reading guide" and so on. She has presided over a number of scientific research projects such as national social science fund and Provincial Social Science Fund.