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Academic Events

College leading teachers visit returning graduates

Summer leaves into the curtain, a large number of students return.July 13, Xianlin class with drizzle, Nanshi ushered in the second batch of 2020 graduates back to school.

Yu Qiong, Secretary of the Party committee of the College of liberal arts, Gao Feng, President, Zhi Jing, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Li Hongmei, vice president of the college, and the college counselors and teachers went to the students' dormitories to visit the returning graduates and send their graduation messages.



In front of the 11 student apartments in the West District, Yu Qiong inquired about the students' return to school.When visiting the students' dormitories, President Gao Feng asked the students about their graduation and urged them to continue to carry forward the spirit of the Academy of Arts in their future study.Teachers and students have a pleasant exchange of unforgettable life in the undergraduate stage and send their best wishes for the future.