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Academic Events

College of Humanities of Jiangnan University, Dr. Wang Meng Taking Lectures for NNU

March 20-21, 2017, by our school of literature, computer science and technology college's invitation, Jiangnan University School of Humanities Dr. Wang Meng came to our school for teachers and students to carry out the title of "Chinese name combination of automatic interpretation Research "(lecture) and" cognitive perspective of primary school language teaching materials vocabulary research "(discussion) of the computational linguistics series of academic activities.

The combination of "noun + noun" is a simple structure, which has high yield in English and Chinese, has the characteristics of strong derivatization ability, simple composition but high ambiguity. The name combination contains a complex meaning in the construction process, there is a semantic compression, often implied predicate. The main purpose of the interpretation of the name combination is to find the implied predicates between the two nouns, thus revealing the semantic relations between the two nouns. The research results can not only serve the needs of natural language processing system such as information retrieval and question answering system, but also provide the basis for the study of cognitive mechanism of psycholinguistics on conceptual combination. In this study, we use the dynamic strategy to propose the method of "verb-based phrase interpretation", and use corpus and Web data to get the semantic explanation of name combination automatically.

"The study of vocabulary of primary school language textbooks in the field of cognition", the author analyzes the semantic distribution of the nouns in the lexical vocabulary, and takes the textbook of modern Chinese semantics as a research sample. Semantic classification as the basis, the noun is mapped to abstract things, specific things, process, time, space and other five categories. The statistical results show that the semantic change of the lexicon is consistent with the cognitive development of the pupils.

Dr. Wang Meng is currently working in the Department of Educational Technology, Faculty of Humanities, Jiangnan University. Graduated from Peking University in 2010, mainly engaged in natural language processing, education, information technology and other fields of research, published EI, CSSCI, CSCD papers more than 20 articles, published a monograph, presided over the National Natural Science Fund project "for semantic retrieval Chinese name combination of automatic interpretation of the study (61300152) ", as a major member to participate in 973,863, the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Social Science Fund and other projects.

In this academic exchange, Dr. Wang Meng also with the College of Computer Science, Computer Science in the study of linguistic research teachers on the future collaborative research projects were discussed, front-line teachers and students feel the benefit. (Mu Wen)