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Academic Events

Cultural News Center to Carry out "Bing Wen" Young Teachers Interview Activities

On the afternoon of March 10, members of the Press Center of the Faculty of Arts and Literature were interviewed by Deng Xiaodong, a young teacher of the Liberal Arts Institute, at Room 320, Xuezheng Building, Xianlin Campus. Deng graduated from the Nanjing Normal University. After obtaining a doctor’s degree, he chose to stay and work as a teacher. And he is good at the Ming and Qing literature teaching and research. The purpose of this interview is to understand Mr. Deng’s academic process and research results. The news propaganda center members Zou Yulei, Yu Jinni, Wei Yuyang, Shi Lurong, as well as Minister Hu Zhixiong, Xu Zhangjing and other students participate in this interview.

Before the official interview began, the students and Mr. Deng had a very interesting "quick answer" activity. When he was asked which country he liked best, the phrase "China" really made the students a little bit surprised, but because of that students saw his Chinese literati spirit. Relaxed and happy "quick answer" made the distance between the teacher and the students significantly reduced, and also let the students understand the teacher hobbies like reading "Dream of Red Mansions", listening to classical music and etc.

After a brief brief exchange, the official interview begins. First of all, Deng told the students about his academic history. Mr. Deng soon after entering the university decided to want to be a university teacher, and to this goal as a driving force, to spur their own efforts. On the students, the teacher also made his own recommendations: as soon as possible to establish a reasonable life plan, clear their goals, correct their own behavior and ideas, in the positive lessons learned by the teacher, pay more effort.

In the interview a student learned that Mr. Deng quite research Tang Yin, and is the author of "Tang Yin study" a book. He said that the reason why chose Tang Yin to study, first because Tang Yin is Suzhouness, he would like to study their hometown culture celebrities, Tang Yin's poetry and deeds can also lead to his interest; The direction of the instructor is consistent. Tang Yin on the study, the teacher also and students to share a small episode: Originally, he chose to study is circulating in the folk Tang Yin story, but after a period of study, he found that there are still many questions about Tang Yin I did not say Clear, and the study of historical figures than the study "gossip" more valuable. When talking about the subject of the "Golden Lotus", the teacher and the students share one of the many topics: it is to impress the world by exposing people's desires, human desires should be controlled in a reasonable range, rather than unlimited Growth and expansion.

Interview with young outstanding teachers is to show the style of young teachers, closer to the distance between teachers and students, this interview is also better to achieve this goal. Deng Xiaodong teacher finally gave the students to read a few suggestions: the teacher recommended a lot of good books, but we should be within the scope of their own interest to choose to read, so as to be rewarded.(Wei Yuyang, Shi Lurong)